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    New Haven Vision 2025

    New Haven Vision 2025 is the city's ten year update to the 2003 Comprehensive Plan. It is a blue print of the city's vision for the future, and a policy guide for achieving the city's planning goals. It serves as a decision making guide for residents and elected and appointed local government officials in matters relating to land use, public investments, and capital improvement programs. Below are links to the entire document, as well as, by chapters and all other supporting documents.

    New Haven Vision 2025

    Full Draft of the Document

    Cover: Cover.pdf

    Table of Contents: Table of Contents.pdf
    Acknowledgements: Acknowledgements.PDF
    Plan Summary: Executive Summary.PDF
    Introduction: Chapter I.PDF
    Community Overview: Chapter 2.PDF
    Land Use: Chapter 3.PDF
    Housing and Neighborhood Planning: Chapter 4.PDF
    Transportation: Chapter 5.PDF
    Economic Development: Chapter 6.PDF
    Environment: Chapter 7.PDF

    Draft Maps


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