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    Completed Commissions: Ancestral Gate | Growing Together | Homage to Roberto | I Am Order, You Are Chaos | Passages

    You are Order. I am Chaos

    Artist: Jose Rodriquez and David Mark Twidle
    Date: 2006
    Material: Granulated recycled rubber
    Location: John Daniels School courtyard. 569 Congress Avenue.

    Jose Emilio Rodriguez, an artist form Queens, New York, and David Mark Twidle from Ashbury Park, NJ completed, You are Order, I am Chaos...for the construction of the new John C. Daniels School, which was dedicated on November 12, 2006.

    Installed in the open air courtyard of the school, You are Order, I am Chaos...suggests a physical and metaphorical center for the school. Large blue rubberized surfaces decorated with flowers (symbolizing youth) placed within concentric bands offers students the opportunity to become a part of the work of art - by walking over and standing on - these special spaces. The design of this artwork is based on a grid system designed by the architects. The flowers actually are placed specifically on the meeting points of the circular bands and axis of the grid.

    Not surprisingly, the color blue was chosen for the large circular areas, which suggests large bodies of water to provide an intended effect of "tranquility" on the viewers. In addition, the artist hoped to bring to mind the effect teachers have on their students, much like a stone thrown into a body of water, whose ripples continue outward, affecting everything in its path. Further, the artist described the circles as representing students' thirst for knowledge, which is quenched by learning.

    David Twidle designed and executed an interior mural which can be seen from inside and outside the courtyard. The various free-form elements and shapes are meant to both harmonize and contrast with the mosaic outside, so that each piece can stand on its own, but relate to each other.

    Rodriguez and Twidle both believe that art can help create a sense of pride in place and a feeling of ownership, and that Daniels School students will be invigorated by these works.

    The last part of the work of art, a mural, painted by David Mark Twidle is seen through the glass walls of the courtyard, and was designed to inspire students' artistic pursuits.

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    Image of You Are Order, I Am Chaos by Jose Rodriguez

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