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    Zip Cars

    Zipcar—Wheels When you Want Them!

    A modern car sharing company has come to New Haven.  Through an initial partnership with Yale University, Zipcars are now available for hourly rentals at many locations around the city.

    Instead of paying the full expense of owning a car, join Zipcar and pay only for those times when you need transportation that can’t be accomplished by transit, walking or biking.

    Starting at $8.00/hour and $66/day you can access cars from a large (and growing) list of cities:  New York, Boston, Providence, New Haven, Chicago, Washington D.C., Chapel Hill, Seattle, San Francisco and many more. 

    Zipcar’s revolutionary technology makes car sharing easy and convenient.  Members with valid reservations wave their Zipcar membership card over a special sensor on the windshield of the reserved car which unlocks both the door and the ignition.  Reservations can be made online or by phone either in advance or on the fly.  No more rental counters and paperwork.

    The hourly rate includes gas and insurance and the daily mileage limit is 180 miles. There is a one-time application fee of $25 and a yearly fee of $50.  This is a bargain compared to car ownership!   

    Zipcar offers a wide choice of cars to choose from, depending on your need or your mood.  In New Haven, you can choose between the following models:  MINI Cooper, Toyota Prius, Mazda 3 and Honda Element.

    For membership information and to locate the cars in New Haven, visit:  www.zipcar.com

    Yale students, faculty and staff benefit from a special discount at:  www.zipcar.com/yale

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