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    The City of New Haven Department of Transportation, Traffic and Park, along with the Town Green Special Services District have launched the SHOP DINE PARK gift card. This program, which is believed to be the first of its kind, is a co-branded gift card specifically for New Haven businesses.

    Shop Dine Park CardThe card can be used at any participating retailer, restaurant or parking location that has joined the SHOP DINE PARK program. In addition to using the card to pay for parking or shopping at any of the participating shops, theaters, hotels and restaurants, card holders can receive exclusive promotions and rebates.

    How can I purchase my SHOP DINE PARK gift card?
    The SHOP DINE PARK card can be purchased at the InfoNewHaven Visitors Center, located at 1000 Chapel St. Cards can be loaded with denomination, up to $999.00. There is a $3.95 service fee for every card purchased.

    Where can I use my SHOP DINE PARK card?
    Click here for a list of participating businesses. Continue to check, as the list will continually grow as new merchants come to the City.

    As a merchant, am I eligible to accept the SHOP DINE PARK card?
    If you are a business located in New Haven and accept Discover Card, you eligible to accept the SHOP DINE PARK card. If you are not currently listed on the participating business list, please fill out this form and send it to Daisy@downtownnewhaven.com or fax it to 203-401-4249. After the form is submitted, please allow up to a week.

    Are there fees associated with the card?
    There is an initial service fee of $3.95 that is charged to activate your SHOP DINE PARK card. After that there are no fees to the card user. As the merchant, the only fee associated with the card is the normal transaction fee associated with processing a Debit Card on the Discover Card network.

    Can I use my SHOP DINE PARK card at all Parking Meters?
    The SHOP DINE PARK card can be used at all of the City's Credit Card accepting meters. Unfortunately, the classic coin only meters are not able to accept the card.

    What additional functions and features are available with my card?
    As a card user, you are able to track purchases on your SHOP DINE PARK card by signing up at myparkeasy.com open in new tab and registering as the user of the card. By linking your card to a cell phone number, you are able to get offers and discount alerts sent to your phone and check your balance via SMS (text) messaging.

    As a participated merchant, you are able to send out alerts to subscribing card users and offer promotions and rebates. Merchants can also coordinate with Town Green to track sales and usage of the card through an online feature.

    Can I use my SHOP DINE PARK card outside of New Haven?
    No. Your SHOP DINE PARK card is only valid in New Haven. 100% of all funds added to the cards are spent locally and is invested in the New Haven economy.


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