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    Parkmobile is a new service in New Haven that allows you to pay for parking using your cell phone. You no longer need to fumble for quarters or leave dinner to refill the meter. It is now possible to handle parking electronically on your visit downtown with this easy pay-by-cell service.

    You can create an account through the Parkmobile app, which is available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry 10. You can also create an account at www.parkmobile.com. All that's needed is your cell phone number, email address, license plate and credit card information. Sign up prior to your first use. After you've signed up, there are multiple ways to pay for parking with Parkmobile:


    • Using the smartphone app you can:
      • Manually enter the zone and location information from your meter sticker
      • Scan the QR code on the meter sticker
      • Use the map to locate your parking zone (be sure to verify that the information matches what is on your meter sticker)
    • Using your registered phone number, you can call 1 (877) 727-5730 to start a parking session. (Note that this is an automated line; the customer service number is listed at the bottom of the page.)
    • You can also start a parking session online at www.parkmobile.com, using the same login credentials you use with the app

    You can sign up to receive an alert 15 minutes before your time runs out. Any live parking session can be extended conveniently from your phone (assuming you haven't used up the allotted maximum time restriction).

    Can I use Parkmobile at all Parking Meters within the city?
    Yes, Parkmobile is available at every parking meter operated by the city. If you see a sticker on the back of a parking meter, then you can use Parkmobile.

    Why does my Parking Meter still say expired after I paid using Parkmobile?
    If you use Parkmobile to pay for parking, nothing will show up on the parking meter. This is the expected behavior and you will not receive a ticket. Enforcement officers will check the Parkmobile database in addition to the meters, so they will see that your car has paid to park there. Always start your parking session with the correct zone number and license plate number so officers can see your payment.

    meterCan I still used coins or a Credit Card on a Parkmobile Meter?
    Yes, this is an added option, providing more flexibility to ease your visit. All existing payment methods remain in full use.

    Do all the same parking rules apply if I use Parkmobile?
    Yes, all posted times and time limits still apply while using Parkmobile.

    If I move my car before my Parkmobile session expires, does my time roll over to my next spot?

    No, since your transaction is linked to a specific zone and space. If you move to a new spot you will have to start a new transaction. This is identical to standard parking meter payment.

    What are the different membership types and costs involved?
    Each Parkmobile payment involves a convenience fee whose cost is determined by your membership type and payment method. When registering, you are automatically signed up as basic member. For a fee of $0.99 per month, you can become a preferred member and receive a discounted convenience fee on each parking transaction. For either membership type, you can use the Parkmobile wallet, which allows you to load your account with a pre-paid parking balance and reduces your convenience fee.

    Do I Need To Own The Car?
    No. All you need to enter is the license plate information. So whether you're using your own car or a rental car, you can use Parkmobile.


    Basic Member

    Preferred Member

    Pay As You Go



    Parkmobile Wallet




    I've used Parkmobile before. Will the same account work in New Haven?
    Yes, you can use the same account in any Parkmobile location across the country. To start using your account in New Haven, just enter the zone number from where you are parked and choose New Haven as the location.

    Where can I find more information?
    Go to https://parkmobile.zendesk.com/home for Parkmobile's online customer service page and a more extensive FAQ, or visit www.parkmobile.com and click the orange "Help" tab. You can also click on the "Help" button within the Parkmobile app to access this same information. Demonstrations can also be viewed online. Visit http://vimeo.com/44336290 for an iPhone demonstration or http://vimeo.com/44393561 for the Android version. The Parkmobile Helpdesk can be reached at (770) 818-9036.





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