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    Department of Transportation, Traffic and Parking
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    Bike Smart

    Signal your turns.

    This will make everyone’s experience a little less stressful and will help to keep you safe.

    Bicyclist Signalling a Left Turn
    Bicyclist Signalling a Right Turn
    Bicyclist Signalling a Stop

    Use a headlight and reflectors.

    Connecticut law requires bicyclists to use a front headlight, a rear reflector or tail light and side reflectors after dark and during conditions of poor visibility.

    Diagram of Bicyclist with Lights


    Slow down or stop at railroad grade crossings.

    In general, it is best to cross railroad crossings at as close to a perpendicular angle as possible. In conditions of very light traffic, this can be accomplished by starting on one side of the available roadway and cutting across the travel lane(s) to the other side of the available roadway, as illustrated in the diagram below.

    In some situations, performing this maneuver may not be safe. In such situations, it is essential that you reduce your speed before crossing angled tracks. Even at low speeds, it is important that you turn your front wheel to orient it perpendicular to the tracks as you cross each rail.

    Photo of RR Crossing. Links to Video of RR Crossing.

    Resources for safe bicycling in New Haven

    Link to City Street Smarts Website

    Link to Yale Smart Streets Website

    Link to Share The Road CT Website

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