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    Welcome to the Office of Sustainability's website!

    What is Sustainability?

    Sustainability entails meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, by making social and economic challenges compatible with environmental responsibility. For more information on the office, click here.

    Green and Healthy Homes Preview - Sign Up

    The Elm City Green and Healthy Homes Preview has two available programs:

    1. Home Energy Solutions Energy Assessment:

    The Home Energy Solutions program is completed by an approved contractor of the CT Energy Efficiency Fund. The following is a list of measures implemented by the energy audit:

    • A home energy assessment including a blower-door test which pinpoints critical drafts and air leaks. After they are found, the technician will professionally seal them during the visit.

    • A duct test to assess air leaks within the ductwork system. The technician will seal those significant leaks.

    • Hot water-saving measures including low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators will be installed.

    • Rebates up to $500 for qualifying HVAC systems and up to $200 for replacement of certain inefficient appliances with qualifying energy-efficient models.

    • Installation of energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs.

    • Incentives for insulation upgrades (gas, oil, propane and electric heated homes only)

    • A “kitchen table wrap-up” where the technician will review the work that was done in your home and tell you about additional resources that can help you save energy and mone

    2. Free Street Tree:

    The Urban Resources Initiative will plant a street tree in front of your home if the location is suitable. The tree will require occasional watering.

    Click Here to Download the Information Card

    Contact Info :

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    *First Name:
    *Last Name:
    *Street Address:  
    New Haven, CT

    *Phone Number:  

    Energy Assessment - Complete This Section

    Type of Home:
    Apartment Single Family Multi-Family Condo

    Do you:
    Own Rent

    If you are a tenant, you will need to secure permission from the landlord in order to participate in the Home Energy Solutions Program. You will be asked to provide an authorization form prior to the audit.

    Primary Heating Type:
    Electric Forced Hot Air Hot Water or Steam


    Primary Heating Fuel:
    Electric Gas Propane Oil

    Do you have central air conditioning?
    Yes No

    Are you interested in more information about low-income programs?
    Yes No

    Some additional energy programs that are available as part of your audit have income restrictions. Typically, these programs are restricted to incomes less than 60% of the state median income (click here for eligibility info). These programs offer additional benefits such as a programmable thermostat, appliance rebates, and larger-scale energy efficiency improvements (such as insulation and HVAC equipment).

    Free Street Tree - Leave Blank If You Do Not Want A Tree

    How many street trees would you like?

    *Please enter the random security number you see on your right:

    Enter Security Number:

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    1/3/2012: Reduce heat loss through your fireplace by making sure that the damper is closed when the fireplace ...

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