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    Street Smarts Campaign

    Walk Smart: Safety tips for Pedestrians

    Make yourself visible to drivers

    • Wear retroreflective materials and bright/light colored clothing. Many people are unaware that they are virtually invisible to drivers at night. Clothing with retroreflective materials (such as vests for runners/bikers) can make you visible from up to 500 feet away.
    • Carry a flashlight when walking at night. Don't wear headphones. Use extreme caution when crossing the street—assume that drivers cannot see you.
    • Stand clear of buses, hedges, parked cars, or other obstacles so drivers can see you.

    Avoid dangerous behaviors

    • Always walk on the sidewalk; if there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic.
    • Be aware of the dangers of drinking and walking—walking while impaired increases your chance of being struck.
    • Watch for cars reversing in parking lots and near on-street parking spaces.

    Look before you step

    • Cross streets at marked crosswalks or intersections if possible.
    • Obey traffic signals such as walk/don't walk signals.
    • Don't rely solely on pedestrian signals; look left, right, behind you, and left again before crossing a street or stepping into traffic.
    • Watch for turning vehicles; make sure the driver sees you and will stop.
    • Look across all lanes you must cross and make sure each lane is clear before proceeding.

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