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    Request for Proposals (RFP/RFQ)

    Fireworks, New Haven Harbor The request for proposal method of procurement is normally conducted with more than one source submitting an offer or proposal. Either a fixed price or cost reimbursement type contract is awarded. This method of procurement is generally used when conditions are not appropriate for the use of sealed bids (i.e. when descriptions of experience, education, expertise, availability of services, etc, are necessary for evaluation). If this procurement method is used the following requirements apply:

    (1) Requests for proposals will be publicized.

    (2) All evaluation factors will be identified and included along with their relative importance in the RFP.

    (3) Proposals will be solicited from an adequate number of qualified sources.

    (4) RFP Addendums: Any modifications, clarifications, or additions to the RFP will be distributed as written addenda, from the Bureau of Purchases. No verbal interpretation from a city department or from the Bureau of Purchases should be considered valid.

    (5) Departments will have a written method in place for conducting technical evaluations of the proposals received and for selecting awardees. This documentation must be submitted to the Purchasing Agent.

    (6) Awards will be made to the responsible firm whose proposal is most advantageous to the grantee's program.

    (7) RFP Withdrawal- RFP may be withdrawn by written request prior to RFP opening or 60 days after the RFP opening if no award has been made.

    Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

    The request for qualifications method of procurement is normally conducted with more than one source submitting information or evidence of experience. This procedure is used in formal, noncompetitive solicitation of qualifications, data, comments, or reaction from possible suppliers preceding the issuance of a Request for Proposal or a multi-step bidding procedure.

    Image: Fireworks, New Haven Harbor
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