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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I find out about bid/proposal opportunities?
      You can find out about bids on a weekly basis by:
      • Consulting the New Haven Register Sunday Edition
      • Utilizing the website for the City of New Haven Bureau of Purchasing at http://www.cityofnewhaven.com/PurchasingBureau. You can search for Bids that interest you by using the using the six color-coded button choices at the top of the page:
        • Commodity Bids
        • Service Bids
        • Construction Bids
        • Quotes
        • RFPs/RFQ's
        • SBI Bids
        Or you may scroll down to see our 'Calendar of Solicitation Deadlines During Current Month', 'Pre-Solicitation Meeting Dates Falling Within Current Month' and our Previous + Next Month views to get up-to-the minute information.
      • Additionally, you can make an appointment with the procurement specialist to talk about a particular opportunity and to let them know of your interest and capabilities in meeting the needs of the City. Their phone number is listed on the Notice to Bidder Section of the bid/proposal package. You may also refer to the online employee directory for City of New Haven office phone numbers by clicking here.

    2. Is there a fee for a bid package or proposal?
      No, there is no fee to download and print copies for a bid package online. Any copies printed at the Vendor's Desk are charged $.50 per page.

    3. Can I download bid/RFP documents without going through the bid registration process?
      No. You will not be able to download any documents from our website without properly registering. Once registered, you may download solicitation documents.

    4. How do I respond to your solicitations?
      If you decide to respond to the solicitation you may either:

      a.) Submit a hardcopy of your response via the via the U.S. Postal Service or a private carrier service on or before the solicitation due date. NO FAXES. We cannot accept a facsimile of this document.


      b.) Alternatively, you may submit an electronic version of your response through our online system. The website registration process allows you to create an account used to obtain access to online bids and bid documents. It is also the account used to submit online bids.

      Note: We do not mail out or email copies of any bid documents or bid tabulations, however you may drop by our office to pick up a copy during office hours (Office Hours: 9 AM to 5PM, Monday -Friday).

    5. What about cookies and compatibility?
      Our system does not use cookies. Our website works best with PCs using Microsoft Windows Operating System and Internet Explorer 7.0.

    6. How do I download bid packets/documents?
      You must first register as a vendor with our website. Click on the gray 'Vendor Registration' Button on the top of the page and fill out the form as directed. Once submitted you will be able to search for and download bid packets.

    7. Once registered, how do I search for bids packets online?
      1. On the Bureau of Purchasing website at http://www.CityOfNewHaven.com/PurchasingBureau click on the gray 'Vendor Login' button on the top of the page and login to the site using the credentials supplied when you registered. Your username is your email address. If you have forgotten your password, please click on the 'Forgot your password? Click here for help!' link.
      2. Once logged on you may either search for different types of solicitations using the six color-coded button choices at the top of the page:
        • Commodity Bids
        • Service Bids
        • Construction Bids
        • Quotes
        • RFPs/RFQ's
        • SBI Bids
        Or you may scroll down to see our 'Calendar of Solicitation Deadlines During Current Month' and our 'Pre-Solicitation Meeting Dates Falling Within Current Month' to view up-to-the minute information.
      3. Once you find a solicitation of interest, follow the links to the 'View/Download Opportunities' page where you will be allowed to download all documents associated with this solicitation depending on your status. Note: Only registered SBI vendors will be allowed to download SBI bids or submit online responses for these specific bids. Also note: Once a bid has been archived (60 days past closing) you will not be allowed to download the bid packet but only the tab sheet.

    8. How do I sign bids that are in electronic form?
      Our online system will not allow you to submit bids online without completing the Signature On File forms. When you register with our site you will be asked to download these forms. You must mail the original signed, notarized printed forms to: New Haven Bureau of Purchases
      200 Orange Street

      Once your forms have been received and processed your online account will be activated by the Bureau of Purchases to allow you to submit solicitations for up to one year online. Your Signature On File forms are considered a signature that is the legal equivalent of a written signature thus allowing for the digital signing of files. One completed Signature On File forms packet is required for each company submitting bids over the Internet and each Signature On File forms packet works for only one company.

    9. After I submit my Signature On File forms packet how long does it take to before I can submit bids online?
      To begin bidding over the Internet using our online system, your Signature On File forms packet must be approved and activated by the New Haven Bureau of Purchases as explained above. Your packet must be received at least ten days prior to the date you wish to begin bidding over the Internet in order to allow adequate processing time. Please note that there are no exceptions to this policy and there is no way to expedite this process. Once your paperwork has been received and approved, our online account will be activated and approved for bid submission. Each time you log on to our system you will see your online access status.

    10. How do I submit a bid over the Internet?
      There are two ways you can easily submit a bid online using our system, however, you must first be logged in successfully to our website and secondly, you must have sent in your Signature On File forms packet (explained above) and have been approved. Once logged in with the correct status follow these tips below:
      1. First option: Search solicitations using the six color-coded button choices at the top of the page:
        • Commodity Bids
        • Service Bids
        • Construction Bids
        • Quotes
        • RFPs/RFQ's
        • SBI Bids
        Or you may scroll down to see our 'Calendar of Solicitation Deadlines During Current Month' and our 'Pre-Solicitation Meeting Dates Falling Within Current Month' to view up-to-the minute information.

        Follow the links of the solicitation of interest to the 'View/Download Opportunities' page where you will be allowed to download all documents associated with this solicitation.

        Click on the gray 'Submit Bid Online' button and you will be taken to the submission form with the solicitation number automatically filled in for you.

      2. Second option: once logged in, click on the gray 'Submit Bid Online' button in your company's tool bar at located the very top of every page.

        You will be taken to a page where you will need to enter the exact bid number associated with this solicitation. Once completed you will be take to the submission form.

    11. Can I submit a solicitation more than once? Can I withdraw a solicitation?
      Yes, to both questions.

      If you submit a bid multiple times before the deadline, only the last submission will be kept and passed on to the Bureau of Purchases. If you request a bid to be withdrawn before the deadline, it will not be passed on. To request a bid be withdrawn after opening - please email Purchasing@newhavenct.net your request along with your submission receipt number.

    12. Who can read my solicitation?
      No one until the public bid opening. Until you deliberately submit a bid to the New Haven Bureau of Purchases, it stays on your PC and there is no way for anyone else to see it. When you do submit a bid through our online process your solicitation is placed into a virtual "lockbox" which is time sensitive to the associated project's closing date. The system cannot read your bid and will not pass it to Bureau of Purchasing until the official bid opening.

    13. Could my bid be lost?
      It is very unlikely and considerations have been taken to avoid any loss of data. As an added bonus, you will receive an electronic solicitation receipt number whenever you submit a solicitation, which can be used to prove when the solicitation was submitted. These bid receipts also display the time and date of your submission.

    14. How secure is my bid?
      Your bid is secure in our system. The system does not allow for the directory which stores your documents to be browsed on the Internet. The system also does not allow anyone to follow the link to open your bid documents unless they are an authorized user of the City Of New Haven Bureau of Purchases and the opening time has commenced.
    15. How do I submit my bid bond if I submit my bid over the Internet?
      When submitting over the Internet, you will have two options. You may continue to provide a paper bid bond which will be due on at the opening date and time. Or you may submit an electronic bid bond document. These documents may be found when you download your specific bid packet of interest. If you choose to submit an electronic bid bond, please be advised that upon signing the bid bond all legal obligations associated with the bid bond will be valid based upon your Signature on File document.
    16. How much does cost?
      Nothing. The system is free. You must only register.

    17. What fees are charged for bidding over the Internet?
      None, there are no fees charged.

    18. Is there a charge to the contractor for using the City of New Haven Online Procurement services?

    19. Can I reconnect my account if it is ever cancelled?
      No, if your account was cancelled by the City Of New Haven Bureau of Purchases then you may not reconnect. You will need to contact the Bureau of Purchases in person to discuss.
      Michael V. Fumiatti,
      Purchasing Agent
      200 Orange Street
      Office Hours: 9 AM to 5PM,
      Monday -Friday
      Email Us: purchasing@newhavenct.net

    20. What do I need to do to be placed on the City's bidder list?
      Vendors interested in being placed on the bidders list should register at: http://www.cityofnewhaven.com/PurchasingBureauOnline/YourAccount.asp, or fax a request to 203-946-8206 to obtain a Vendor Bidder Application.

      Procurement services will fax an application form that must be completed and returned to the procurement office. For your convenience, you may also access the Vendor Bidder Application form by clicking here. Please mail or present the completed form to:

      Bureau of Purchases E-Services NH-IBID
      Attention: Bureau of Purchases Online Record Maintenance
      200 Orange Street
      New Haven, CT 06510

    21. Does being on the list guarantee receiving a bid proposal?
      No, placement on the bidder's list is no guarantee of solicitation for informal or formal invitation to bids/proposals. This is a service of convenience for the vendor and City, not a binding assurance of solicitation.

    22. How do I contact City departments and or buyers to introduce my company?
      To schedule a sales visit, call for an appointment during normal business hours. The procurement staff is listed here.

    23. May I receive or send a bid package by facsimile?
      Formal advertised sealed bids/proposals may not be received by The Bureau of Purchases through facsimile. Only responses to quotes may be submitted by facsimile.

    24. Who originates the requirement for an Invitation to Bid or Request for Proposal?
      Normally the using agency submits a requisition to Procurement Services for a specific requirement.

    25. How are small purchases handled?
      City agencies have been delegated authority for small purchases up to and including $10,000. For purchases of $500 and under a non-competitive decentralized Requisition is used. For purchases over $500 and up to and including $10,000 three written quotes are required.

    26. Does the Purchasing Department buy for all City offices?
      The Bureau of Purchases has the responsibility to purchase or all supplies, materials, equipment, and contractual services as needed. The City does not procure services or commodities for the Housing Authority or Parking Authority. However, from time to tome both agencies will piggyback off City contracts. Departmental information can be accessed here.

    27. Does the City give bid results over the telephone?
      No, all responding bidder's are provided with results by web site posting after award is made. Bidder's may browse awards/intent notices for further information.

    28. Is preferential treatment granted to small and minority businesses?
      It is the desire of the City of New Haven to increase the number of minorities who participate meaningfully in all City contracts. To this end, the City uses goals and encourages good faith efforts by all parties who engage in governmental contracting. The City is strongly committed to the utilization of minority firms/individuals for all goods and services. The City provides all firms, regardless of race or nationality, equal access to the procurement process. The City employs a Minority Business Recruiter to assist firms in doing business with the City. Minority Business Enterprise information may be accessed here.

    29. What amount must a project be before it is formally bid?
      All goods, services, insurance and construction estimated to cost more than $10,000 will be subject to a formal bid or request for proposals.

    30. Will the City FedEx/Overnight mail a bid package to a vendor?
      Bureau of Purchases will FedEx/overnight mail a bid package only at the vendor's expense. Vendor must provide an account number to obtain this service.

    31. When are contracts for annual services let out to bid?
      Normally contracts will be let out bid approximately three months prior to expiration of the current contract.

    32. How long will my firm remain on the City's bidder mailing list?
      Indefinitely, but the City reserves the right to purge vendors from the bidder's list with inactivity in excess of two years.

    33. What are your office hours and locations?
      Bureau of Purchases is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. E.S.T. Monday through Friday. We are located in Hall of Record, Room 301 at 200 Orange Street, New Haven, CT. 06510

    34. Who is the Purchasing Agent for the City?
      The Purchasing Agent for the City of New Haven is Michael Fumiatti, 203-946-8201

    35. How does the City advertise goods or services being bid?
      All goods, services, construction or insurance requirements estimated to cost more than $10,000 are subject to the following advertising sources:
      • Advertised in the New Haven Register, (only Bids, RFP's & RFQ's).
      • Posted on the City's website
      • Notice sent to construction Reporting Agencies
      • State Web Site - Department of Administrative Services

    36. How Do I get information regarding previous contracts?
      You may request information about or copies of previous contracts through the Freedom of Information Act process by contacting the following:

      City of New Haven Bureau of Purchases
      200 Orange Street
      New Haven, CT 06510

      Generally Speaking, copies of previous contracts can be obtained within four business days of receipt of a formal request, with limited exceptions and unless the document is exempt from disclosure under FOIA. There is a fee of (.50) per page for plain paper copies. If the first page of copy contracted document is certified there is a $1.00 charge for the first page. There is no fee for a visual review however; appointment must be made in advance with a representative from the Bureau of Purchases.

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