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    Department of Police Service

    Emergency Services Unit

    Emergency Services Unit

    The Emergency Services Unit is comprised of several teams, each responsible for specific tasks when called upon. A police captain heads the unit and a police supervisor leads each team.

    Special Emergency Response Team
    The goal of the Special Emergency Response Team is to protect the lives of citizens and members of law enforcement, particularly during high-risk incidents involving hostages, barricaded subjects, snipers, civil disorder and the service of arrest and search warrants. It works towards a successful resolution in these types of situations in such a fashion as to minimize the risk of harm to all involved. SERT members train extensively in the areas of critical incident management, tactics, and development of a pre-planned response to a variety of incidents.

    Hazardous Device Team
    The job of the Hazardous Device Team is to render safe and dispose of explosives and improvised devices (homemade bombs). Officers are trained to recognize and handle various types of explosives and detonating devices. The team must determine which devices can be safely disassembled on the scene and those that need be removed and detonated at a safe location.

    Crisis Negotiation Team
    The Crisis Negotiation Team is utilized to calmly talk with persons involved in a variety of dangerous, or potentially dangerous, situations. These include hostage situations, barricaded persons, and suicidal persons. The team is specially trained to talk such persons, with no injury, into alleviating a situation gone wrong.

    Underwater Search and Recovery Team
    The Underwater Search and Recovery Team is responsible for the safe handling of search, rescue and recovery operations in the various inland waterways throughout the city and New Haven Harbor. Officers are trained in the use of underwater breathing apparatus. They search for weapons, criminal evidence, and possible drowning victims.

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