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    Parks, Recreation and Trees
    City of New Haven Parks - Trees

    | Reporting Problem Trees | Tree Replacement and Planting | City Tree Programs |

    Reporting Problem Trees

    The City of New Haven has 32,000 street trees city-wide. The New Haven Department of Parks, Recreation and Trees maintains tree maintenance crews year round. Please read the information below when regarding tree problems and recommended tree types for planting on city streets.

    The process for reporting problem or dead trees:
    1. TreesEnter the complaint on See, Click, Fix or call the Tree Line: 203-946-8004
    2. The complaint will be inspected by the New Haven City Arborist as resources and time allow.
    3. The result of that inspection will be communicated through See, Click, Fix.
    4. The recommended action on the complaint will be assigned to tree services for completion as time and resources allow.

    Priority Factors taken into account during the inspection process are:

    1. Site analysis where potential targets are identified such as Pedestrians, Public or private property, vehicles, etc.
    2. Tree Defects such as: Hanging branches (Hangers), Dead Branches, Wood Decay, Hollow Cavities, Dead or Loose Bark, Cracks or Splits, Leaning Trees, and Mushrooms or other fruiting bodies growing on the Tree or roots.
    3. Species Characteristics such as: Susceptibility to wood decay, Branch failures, Weak wood, insects, Etc.

    Once this has been determined, recommendations for Removal or trimming will be considered.

    Tree Removal is a 3-step process:

    Tree removal
    1) Removal of the Tree

    Removal of debris
    2) Removal of wood and debris

    Stump grinding
    3) Removal of Tree stump.

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    Street Tree Replacement and Planting

    Homeowners interested in obtaining replacement or new street trees for the tree belt in front of their homes should contact the Urban Resources Initiative (URI). This Yale University-based program handles this effort under contract for the New Haven Department of Parks, Recreation and Trees and builds stewardship for New Haven's urban forest. Call URI for information on how to get a new tree for the front of your house or any neighboring tree belt. The trees are planted for free as long as the requester commits to watering the tree after it is planted.

    To request a street tree for planting by URI:
    1. Go to the Tree Online Form: City's Tree Request Form
    2. Or, if phone is easier, contact:
         Urban Resources Initiative phone: 203-432-6189
         Email: uri@yale.edu
         Website: www.yale.edu/uri

    The City of New Haven Department of Parks, Recreation and Trees recommends the following list of trees for planting on City streets. PDF iconCity of New Haven List of Recommended Trees

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    City of New Haven - Tree Programs

    | Adopt-A-Tree Program | Trim-A-Tree Program | Plant-A-Tree Program |

    The City of New Haven offers three programs to partner with residents to improve the care and appearance of our City's trees.

    Trees New Haven Program Brochure (243k)
    Adopt-A-Tree Planting Guidelines and Application Form (65k)
    Adopt-A-Tree Pruning Policy and Application Form (66k )
    Be part of the nation's oldest public tree planting program.

    Click here to request or pledge to plant a tree.
    To donate any of the programs, please send your check to:
    Department of Parks, Recreation & Trees,
    720 Edgewood Avenue, New Haven, CT 06515

    Adopt-A-Tree Program

    The Department of Parks, Recreation and Trees is sponsoring an Adopt-A-Tree Program for the residents of the City of New Haven. Our beautiful street trees are an asset to our neighborhoods. They provide shade in the summer and act as a barrier for noise. Trees beautify our streets and produce life sustaining oxygen and trap air pollutants. They also decrease noise, increase property values and enhance civic pride.

    Adopt-A-Tree Program Adopt-A-Tree Program
    Adopt-A-Tree Program Adopt-A-Tree Program
    Join your neighbors this year and adopt a street tree in front of or near
    your house or apartment, or place of work.

    To obtain a certificate for adopting your tree, we ask that you commit to the following care for your adopted tree:

    1. Water the tree at least twice weekly during the spring and summer.
    2. Mulch the soil to conserve moisture and improve health. It is a good idea to plant flowers or ground cover around your tree and keep the root area neat and clean.
    3. Follow the recommendations included in your Adopt-A-Tree packet.

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    Trim-A-Tree Program

    Healthy and attractive trees add to the aesthetic value of your neighborhood and can increase your property value. Applications are available on-line (click here to download) or at the Parks Department Maintenance Division Office, 180 Park Road, Hamden, CT 06517 for tree pruning and shaping.

    Residents are welcome to provide tree pruning services for city trees within the following guidelines:

    1. Application for permission to have a private company prune city trees must be made two weeks in advance of the time this work is anticipated.
    2. Pruning of trees must meet standard and acceptable arboricultural practices.
    3. The city’s Tree Warden and/or Arborist will meet with the applicant to determine the extent of work anticipated on the street tree.
    4. No tree work shall be performed within ten (10) feet of the utility wires without the express permission from the city’s Tree Warden.

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    Plant-A-Tree Program

    Tree planting is a commitment that should be seriously considered by the property owner/homeowner as a way of keeping New Haven green. Applicants of the Trees of New Haven Program with the City of New Haven Parks Department are welcome to plant street trees if they abide by the following guidelines:

    • Application for permission must be made two weeks prior to planting tree(s).
    • The city’s Tree Warden, Arborist and/or staff, will meet with the applicant to determine the placement of the city street tree.
    • Only approved tree species may be used (see list available on-line cityofnewhaven.com/parks or call 946-2203.
    • The planting of tree(s) must meet standard and acceptable arboricultural practices.
    • The property owner/homeowner agrees to water and maintain the tree(s) so as to increase the chances of the tree’s survival. It may take over a year before a tree is fully established and able to survive without regular watering.
    • The city’s tree Warden must approve the location that the tree(s) is to be planted.
    New Haven - Tree City USA Mayor DeStefano and Parks Director Levine
    Tree City USA plaque A newly planted maple tree at Bayview Park

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