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    Dear Friends

    Save the Date! The City of New Haven will celebrate its 375th anniversary on Saturday, April 27th! The celebration will take place from 1-4pm on the Green.

    While the day’s festivities are not yet being unveiled, the website for the 375th celebration can be found here

    Many events will correspond with New Haven’s 375th anniversary, including:

    • New Haven Restaurant Week, April 21-27th

    • Night Rainbow New Haven, April 24-27: Visit Night Rainbow New Haven's website here

    New Haven’s Department of Arts, Culture and Tourism is seeking artist and event volunteers for the celebration. Organizations and individuals are encouraged to participate. For more information about these volunteer opportunities, go here

    Immigration from Another Perspective

    I recently spoke about immigration at a conference in Dublin, Ireland. While I was there, I was struck by how the issue of immigration looks through the lens of Europeans. This essay was published in The New Haven Register, but I’d also like to share it here:

    A western Ukraine boxer speaking English with an Irish accent? By the way, he was trained by a Russian coach. That's Igor and that is how the world is getting smaller and smaller.

    Igor immigrated to Ireland for the same reason that so many come to New Haven. The opportunity to work, to find something better for himself and his family. When coming he was challenged by the locals and confused for a Romanian until he learned the universal come back to all bullies , "What's it to you?"

    What is it to you? I'm here in Dublin, invited to attend a Council of Europe meeting. Think America's National League of Cities and you sort of get the idea. Somewhat more loosely knit. It's Europe, you see.

    But it's not the old Europe. Being French doesn't mean what it used to be. Half the people of Toulouse have at least one foreign born parent. It's the same in Germany and Poland, you get the idea. We look less different than we used to, and more like each other.

    So people and cities across Europe are wrestling with change. Different languages, different colors, different habits. The best is when folks come up to me and say, “Oh, you're American. Well you have been dealing with immigration forever. We're just learning.” As though we in America have discovered the secret recipe.

    The fact is that America is still learning, too. And the truth is that we are at a moment of great opportunity in America. A moment to embrace a stronger future by passage of comprehensive immigration reform by Washington.

    The overwhelming sense I have here in Dublin is one of an international competition for the most precious commodity for economic growth: human talent. Human talent to innovate, to create, to work hard and to persist. The aspirational talent of the world is looking for a place to contribute, to do more and to succeed. As much as I like Dublin, I would hope that this talent has the opportunity to find its way to America to strengthen, invigorate and grow our country’s economy – instead of someone else's.

    A perfect example of this can be found in our own back yard here in New Haven, at Yale University. At Yale over 4,000 people from more than 110 countries are studying, teaching and conducting research. This migration of talent to New Haven does not diminish us, it makes us better, it makes us stronger. As research and talent grow, so does the University’s economic impact and, in turn, so do the companies that commercialize this research, bringing these discoveries into the American mainstream for the betterment of all of us. These companies spur the growth of yet another economic sector – the blue and white collar service sector, all of this piggybacking off that core growth.

    Too often diversity and immigration is viewed through the lens of simple addition and subtraction. In other words, for me to have my bread, I have to take yours. Really it's about multiplication. Multiplying talent in a stable and progressive society yields exponential results. Other cities around the world are just beginning to see what America has learned generation after generation. Let's get immigration reform done. Dublin is nice. But New Haven is where we live.


    Mar. 13. Project Storefronts Informational Session. The Grove. 11am.

    Mar. 13. Redefining Women’s Work. Join the Junior League of Greater New Haven for a community conversation exploring the flowering of women's philanthropy in New Haven in the 1920s. New Haven Museum, 114 Whitney Avenue. 6:30pm.

    Mar. 13. Gil Hawkins Collective. The Owl Shop. 9pm

    Mar. 14. Dare to Teach: The Life and Legacy of Prudence Crandall. A presentation by Carolyn Ivanoff that will tell the story of how Crandall began a school in Canterbury, Connecticut in 1833 to educate young African-American women. New Haven Museum, 114 Whitney Avenue. 6:30pm

    March 14-17, BLUE MAN GROUP at the Shubert.Tickets at shubert.com, at 800-228-6622 and at the Shubert Box Office (247 College Street, New Haven).

    Mar. 15. Gerald Albright and Norman Brown. Lyman Ctr for Arts. 8pm. http://tickets.southernct.edu/

    Mar. 15. Bach's Lunch Concert- "Letters from Composers". Neighborhood Music School. 12:10pm. neighborhoodmusicschool.org

    March 15th . Stephen Haynes: Pomegranate. Firehouse 12. 8:30- 10pm. http://firehouse12.com

    Mar. 16. CitySeed Wooster Square Farmers Market. 10am-1pm. www.cityseed.org.

    Mar. 16. Exhibition Closing: The Figure Eight and Figurative Metonymy. Artspace. 6-8pm. Artspacenh.org.

    Mar. 16. Nick DiMaria at Cave A Vin. 8-11pm. www.caveavinwinebar.com/


    The Youth@Work application deadline is Friday, March 28, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. For more information, go here

    New Haven Public High School Seniors: the New Haven Promise application deadline is March 31st. For more information on how to apply, go here

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