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    Angel of Peace

    Angel of Peace

    The Angel of Peace
    New Haven’s Wishes for the World

    Angel of Peace

    East Rock Monument

    The Angel of Peace is returning to New Haven, and she wants to hear your wishes for the world! 

    The 119-year-old Angel was removed from her perch on East Rock for restorations earlier this year—the first restorations since the New Haven Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument was erected in 1887.  She will be back soon, but in the meantime, we are broadcasting New Haven’s Wishes for the World.  Be sure to send in your own wish and it will appear on this site.  Send us your photo, too.  We’d like to hear from you!

    The New Haven Register will also be hosting photos and wishes through their Web site at www.NHRegister.com. For more information on that aspect of the project, or to submit photos &/or wishes, please email NHall@NHRegister.com. Materials submitted to either email address will appear on both the Citys' Web site and the New Haven Register site

    Mayor John DeStefano, Jr. and New Haven Director of Parks Bob Levine invite your ideas on what can be put inside a time capsule which will be placed inside the Angel of Peace before it is moved back to its perch on East Rock.

    The Gouge Family A simple wish of health and happiness to be known to all, and an end to the battles that scar our civilization on this planet - The Gouge Family
    Jari Chevalier May all people, everywhere, be free from suffering - Jari Chevalier
    I wish for peace not only in New Haven neighborhoods, but throughout the world. Please watch over our soldiers - Laurelyn N Celone
    Marvin & Carol Warshaw Our wish for peace on earth starts with believing that it is possible
    and noticing the many ways that it already exists among us
    Marvin and Carol Warshaw
    My wish is for all mankind to live harmoniously and that they/we accept that we are all the same. what a better world it would be if we could accept this - Sarah McDonald
    monument May the angel of peace return quickly to New Haven, and may some semblance of peace revisit the Middle East - Kat Gloor

    I wish for the well-being of all people of the world, and to banish crime and war and destruction and suffering. Pain would be unheard of, mentally and physically…there would be only tears of joy, screams of delight, raising of arms for hugging, words of respect, pride, fearless days and nights…a life worth living and enjoying, a life that is fulfilling, a life worth sharing, a life of well-being.- Barbara Ginger

    From the kids at Truman School

    My wish is that everyone gets along together No fighting, no killing just peace.

    My wish is that all the soldiers come back home safe to their families and those who lost their lives there no to be taking in granted and be remember as bravery and a well standing solider fighting for what he believe and for our country.

    My wish mostly is world peace. May God be with us and help us accomplish this goal.

    I would like to wish all are safe under the wings of the Angel. And for all violence to end
    . - Laura Ferriouolo

    We wish for the war to end and for the losses of so many lives due to the war & terrorism, illnesses and poverty to end too. As former residents of New Haven, we also wish for New Haven itself to be touched by the Angel and that all the shootings, drugs and crime will sease as well. We may live in Orlando, FL now but we came from New Haven, Fair Haven to be exact. For 43 years my husband lived there and I myself for 14. I delivered 4 of my 5 children at Yale New Haven Hospital. This is why we are deeply attached to our home-town. That is where our lives and our family began. Reading the news and listening about the "bad things" that occur in a place we once called home causes us great sadness. I wish for it all to end for the sake of our Family who remain in surrounding towns and for other families, children and elderly who remain as well...May the Angel of Peace touch the hearts of each and everyone of you who live there, and in the entire World
    . - The DeJesus-Quinones Family

    Our wish for peace is for love and kindness for all of god's creatures. To end all suffering and cruelty, and to make OUR WORLD TOGETHER a loving environment for our children and future generations
    . - The Lockwood Family

    Cindy & Lee Please hear our prayers for those that are currently at WAR defending our county. Bring them home safe to there families and loved ones. We were lucky to have my husband serve for a 1 1/2 year tour in Iraq and return home safe, bring happiness to others as you did to us. Give families the strength to deal with not only the separation but the reunion of there soldiers return - The Castro family
    I pray the world's wealthiest citizens (in terms of money) will come to believe that we have a tremendous responsibility to the poor. While soothing the suffering of over four billion people, we'll finally "walk the walk", and demonstrate through action, the peace and goodwill we truly wish for all the world.- Jeff H.

    I wish we would all step outside of our homes once in while and look over towards a neighbors house and lend a helping hand...just because
    . - Alderwoman Maria Reyes-Rivera

    These men and women who helped us win our wars are still struggling with mans way of harming others who bring war...if only every nation would just see that democracy will be a good thing and not totalitarianism... I want our beloved American to be here for at least another 200 plus...God Bless our troops fighting now for our retention of freedom. This monument is a reminder for all...Thank God for these good men and women both past and present
    . - Angelo DelBuono

    I would just like to mention my cousin who was killed in World War Two. His name was Joseph De Cusati and he lived on Grand Ave. He was killed in action on March 30, 1945 while flying a combat mission with the 732nd Squadron, 453rd Bomb Group, 8th Air Force. He had no wife and no children. My wish is that he will be remembered by future generations of New Haveners
    - Andrew J. De Cusati

    The New Arrivals Center, ESOL students
    East Rock Global Studies Magnet School
    ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) teachers:
    Norine Polio, Mary Lou DiPaola, Armundas Zakarauskas

    “For the world, I wish……..”

    GRADE 3
    I wish people don’t leave trash in the street so the world can be a nice, cleaner world. (Wengel)
    I wish people will help when someone is lost or hurt. (Kevin T.)
    I wish there was no war in the country so they could be safe, and if someone is up in the sky with God, I’m sorry for them. (Kyra)
    I wish people wouldn’t litter in school and in the world.  I wish everybody helps poor people, old people, and sick people who have no place to live. (Alex)
    I wish that people are all nice so they can help people who are hurt.(Kevin C
    I wish that people were not robbers.  Then we would have a nicer world.(Ailia)

    GRADE 1
    I wish to give all the people presents. (Noelia)
    I wish for all the people to have food. (Erica)
    I wish for every people have a lot of money. (Muslima)
    I wish for all the people to have beds to sleep in. (Angel)
    I wish that everyone in the world be happy. (Miguel)
    I wish for everybody to go to the park to play. (Antonio)

    GRADE 4
    I wish for everyone to be rich and nice. (Forel)
    I wish for nothing bad to happen to them. (Naira)
    I wish for all the people to be happy. (Halima)

    GRADE 6
    I wish everyone to be happy. (Joshua)
    I wish for peace. (Marimar)

    GRADE 5
    I wish that everyone will have a home. (Evangelina)
    I wish that they will have more peace. (Joao)
    I wish for the world nice cars. (Baharha)
    I wish for the world peace. (Marlene)

    I wish we could dedicate the fountain that surrounds the war memorial on the New Haven Green as the "Peace Fountain" for all the world to see that the people of New Haven want peace, pray for peace and work for peace - Maria Lamberto

    I wish for everyone throughout the world to find peace free from the clutches of addiction, mental illness, and abuse - Moira Cotlier

    Ode To The Angel of Peace

    O majestic Angel of Peace
    continue your vigilance that began
    in eighteen eighty-seven
    over the city of New Haven,
    its people, hills, and harbor
    and spread your message of peace
    throughout the universe.
    From your lofty home on East Rock
    atop the Soldiers and Sailors Monument
    your presence a gentle reminder
    of our brave men and women
    who fought for freedom,
    many never to return home.
    Your bronzed body must harbor
    a warm and thoughtful spirit
    waiting to relay prayers for peace
    to that Higher Power
    who reigns over a turbulent world.

    - Rose Mary Sullivan

    Bruce Deegan, North Branford CT writes: I'd like to share my wish for peace for the world, as expressed in the lyrical poetry of the song "Peace Call" by Woody Guthrie. May New Haven's Angel of Peace awaken a greater yearning in our hearts for peace, and a growing willingness to work for it.

    Bernadete Marie Zvonek

    Soldier Boy

    One so young in camouflage greens
    Standing tall and brave
    My eyes beholding the terror’s of war.
    I come by Sea, by Land and by Air
    To protect Freedom
    I cannot run, I cannot flee
    I’m as Inbred a Patriot as I can be
    I’m a symbol of Hope, Home and Liberty
    I’m an American Soldier
    Pray for me.

    Bernadete Marie Zvonek

    Katherine Brennan Elementary School in New Haven Fourth Grade Class
    My wish for the world:

    -I wish they'd take all the guns out of the world. (Tracey)
    -I thought we could get angry or violent people to talk with us about their feelings and let them express themselves without the killing and injuring of other people, because sometimes people are angry about something so they take it out on our New Haven citizens.(Tonija)
    -There are people who go around taking peoples money, whatever they got on them. Please stop them for all of the children so we can go places safely. (Nyashia)
    -I think that they should throw away the guns because it's showing the children how to shoot at people by killing people by shooting eachother.(Tianna)
    -I think people that kill other people should talk to someone about their problems make the world a better place.(Tamiko)
    -We think you should take away guns and make people stop shooting and be nice to eachother. (Chelsey)
    -I want the violence to stop. People should be friends forever.(Antonio)
    -Build more churches so the people should go to churches.(Asia)
    -I think that we should help. (Amani)
    -If I was the president I will take all the guns out of stores. And give them to the FBI so nobody can buy them.(Lamont)
    -I think the president should take away drugs and guns because some people can die off of drugs and guns can hurt people and their heart will stop.(Tijhae)
    -I want all of the violent objects to be destroyed and people would come down and start uniting and going to church and other historical places of the world.(William)
    -I think there should be no more violence like shouting,hitting or pushing that is mean. It needs to be more peaceful.(Jaterra)
    -I would take all of the guns give all of the guns to the FBI for they can use them to keep the world safe.(Jaquan)

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