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    Office Of The Mayor

    Be A New Haven Resident Advocate For Change

    Get engaged and lobby directly to the General Assembly for smart, common sense change that is meaningful to people’s lives:

    1. State Aid: Hold State Aid to Connecticut cities, where the vast majority of jobs and at risk populations are. Fully fund PILOT as the economy recovers;
    2. Diversify Revenue Streams: Obtain statutory authority to levy sales, hotel/motel and alcoholic beverage taxes. Provide City authority to issue violations for on-camera traffic violations and retain funds; and
    3. Red Light Traffic Camera Enforcement. Hundreds of people each day violate the law by running red lights at intersections endangering the lives of our family members. Current CT law does not allow for the use of traffic cameras for enforcement.  A change in the law would not only save lives but could generate millions of dollars in fines from lawbreakers.

    Engage your local elected officials at the Board of Aldermen for common sense policy to improve our fiscal health and grow New Haven:

    1. Property Taxes: Tell your Alderman to hold constant taxes until new property revaluation is prepared and ready for implementation;
    2. Grand List: Promote growth through a focus and investment in key economic clusters, smart transit growth and rehabilitation of housing stock.  Turn out to public hearings and speak on the creation of new development and new jobs for new Haven;
    3. Limit Overall Agency Growth: No more than 0% over the next two years from FY 2011 base expenditures; 
    4. Revise Employee Health Care Plans: City employee healthcare plans should reflect that which most employers offer in the New Haven market.  Contact your Alderman and voice your support; and
    5. Change Unsustainable Pension Plans:  Let you alderman know that you support modifying City employee benefit plans to reflect obligations which can be met and deliver savings now and extend the life of the pension funds.

    Still want to do more?

    Learn more about how your City government works. Enroll for either the next spring or fall session of Democracy School. Learn more by visiting www.cityofnewhaven.com.

    Share your time and talents with our City’s children. Mentor a child, help them embrace the power of education and help them apply their talents toward achieving their goals. Visit www.newhavenschoolchange.org to learn about how you can make a difference in the life of a child and an investment in the future of New Haven.

    Participate in the New Haven Police Department’s Citizen’s Police Academy where you’ll learn more about New Haven’s model of Community Policing, you’ll forge valuable relationships with police officers and you’ll have the tools to help increase safety in your neighborhood. For more information contact Officer Kelly Turner at 203-946-6119.

    Become active in your local block watch and Management Team. Take leadership in the safety and development of your neighborhood through these important organizations. For meeting times, locations and opportunities to get involved call Officer Joe Avery at 203-946-5915


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