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    (12/3/2008) NEW HAVEN- New Haven’s Department of Transportation, Traffic and Parking announced a series of changes to the City’s parking payment programs today involving the Parcxmart card and the scratch-off voucher program, two methods of paying for metered parking and services in the City.

    The Parcxmart card had undergone a facelift and now bares a new image and a new name. The new “City Card” will be available at more than 50 locations in Downtown New Haven and on-line. Prior versions of the Parcxmart card will still be honored.

    As of December 22, 2008 parking vouchers will only be available in the Collections Office at 200 Orange Street, 1st floor, Room 100, a change that will create cost savings for the City. The new and redesigned vouchers will now be available in 1 hour, 2 hour, and long-term units. The cost of a new voucher is as follows:

    1-hour voucher - $1.25

    2-hour voucher - $2.50

    Long-term voucher - $8.00

    The City will honor unused vouchers purchased under the prior program. “The new City Card as well as the parking voucher program provide our customers with simple and efficient ways to pay for on-street parking in New Haven,” Michael Piscitelli, Director of the Transportation, Traffic and Parking Department, said. “We are pleased to see that City Cards are used not only for parking, but also for a variety of goods and services from participating merchants.”

    The City Card can be purchased on-line, in the City’s Collection Office at 200 Orange or at any Downtown merchant displaying the Parcxmart logo.

    The New Haven City Card powered by Parcxmart Technologies Inc. was launched in October and is quickly approaching 1000 new card users. This is the first payment card in the nation that brands the city mission of providing financial value to its merchants and the commuting public. Local economic value is strengthened each time cardholders register for a card and place value into their electronic purses via the merchant network, and/or online at www.newhavencard.net. The key value chain players - the city, the merchants, and the commuting public - realize more and more value as the transactions increase in the parking meters, NHPA garages, and the participating merchant network.

    The New Haven City Card also provides commissions for the selling and reloading of value onto the card up to $500 per load for all participating merchants. Additionally, the Parcxmart payment system offers the merchants a flat ten cents per transaction fee each time the card is used in their stores for the purchase of goods and services regardless of the size of the transactions. “This is a highly valuable transaction rate to the local participating merchants,” said John Regan President and CEO, Parcxmart Technologies.

    Since the card is a multi-application smartcard, the chip carries a loyalty program known as Instant Cool Rewards which merchants can choose to opt into. The loyalty program replaces the need for the consumers to carry multiple merchant punch cards; instead the transaction history of the cardholder is carried in the card memory, and will eventually compensate the cardholder instantly when they meet the merchant threshold for earning rewards. Today the merchant profile includes merchants which sell wine and cheese, home goods, printing services, clothing, grocery stores, and local cafes. The intent of the program is to encourage the majority of the merchants in New Haven to become involved in the program by the end of 2009.

    If you have any questions, please call the City of New Haven, Transportation, Traffic & Parking Department at (203) 946-8077 for further information.


    Contact Name: Jessica Mayorga

    Contact Email: jmayorga@newhavenct.net

    Contact Phone: 203-946-7660

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