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    Lighthouse, Green Fridays, Childcare @ City Hall & Retirement

    (4/13/2010) charge $10.00 to park at Lighthouse to everyone, including Municipal ID card holders - residents who have paid residential homeowners tax should be free with permit.

    commuter tax on non-resident employees - 1 to 2% surcharge that comes directly out of employee paycheck

    turn lights off at noon for one hour on sunny "Green Fridays", both in 165 & 200, calculate electricity savings.

    replace single paned glass windows in 200. hvac units sit in front of windows, wasting tons of heat & ac

    eliminate "special assignment" principals

    convert space on ground floor in 200 into a New Haven daycare for employees of 165 and 200. Use existing staff to fill openings, charge employees for day care service.

    invite the possibility of a 1 day per six month furlough day, to be chosen by employee, perhaps next to a three day weekend, with supervisor permission. calculate savings

    charge a heavy processing fee for all employees with garnishments, including resident employees delinquent on property taxes

    install biometric time clocks in 200 & 165 and pay employees to the minute. immediate savings, real time inventory of who is in the building, and interactivity with payroll system

    enforce moving violation laws with heavy fines on the very dangerous "red light runners". have police ticket them aggressively

    invite employees with the following criteria into a early retirement dialog:

    - have 20x to 29 years of service

    - have accumulated both sick and vacation time

    - make more than $60,000

    calculate the savings based on the following criteria:

    - employees close to retirement are given free time to close the gap in terms of years in service

    - accrued time is paid out with with the current hourly rate, not future higher hourly rates - high savings can be realized here

    - if the position needs to be immediately filled via civil service test, that employee will not accrue sick time - which avoids future sick time pay our encumbrances

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