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    New Haven tops West Hartford in Clean Energy Challenge

    (4/17/2006) West Hartford, CT—The Super Bowl type challenge of Clean Energy between New Haven and West Hartford concluded today with a final tally of 471 customers of the CTCleanEnergyOptionssm program in New Haven and 433.5 customers in West Hartford. As a result of this challenge, Mayor Scott Slifka of West Hartford whimsically sported a gift t-shirt from Mayor John DeStefano, Jr. of New Haven that read, “I Wish I Lived in New Haven.”

    “This was a tremendous challenge that West Hartford was proud to be a part of,” stated West Hartford Mayor Scott Slifka before the formal announcement. “While New Haven bested us with enrollments and even though this challenge is over, I hope that citizens of both cities continue to support clean energy and increase these numbers even more.”

    The challenge, originally announced last August in cooperation with the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund and SmartPower, was intended to maximize enrollments in both cities of the CTCleanEnergyOptions program that was introduced by the DPUC in 2005. As a result of this challenge and the work of both Mayors along with the hard work of dedicated citizens in both cities, over 900 people in both communities have signed up in support of clean energy and this program.

    “Once again New Haven has demonstrated their community pride and support of clean energy,” proclaimed New Haven Mayor, John DeStefano, Jr. “But at the end of the day, residents of both New Haven and West Hartford, along with families across Connecticut are the real winners as we have demonstrated that clean energy is truly part of the fabric of this state.”


    New Haven – West Hartford Challenge Page 2 of 3

    Both Mayor DeStefano and Mayor Slifka enthusiastically pointed out the environmental benefits of this challenge when discussing the support of clean energy from over 900 residents in both communities. The program to date has resulted in the environmental equivalent of:

    An annual kilowatt hours of 6,512,400 clean energy usage

    An approximate reduction in CO2 emissions of 6,368,130

    The equivalent usage reduction of 328,990 gallons of gasoline

    2,407 acres of trees being planted

    Visible and direct benefits to residents of both New Haven and West Hartford also include four solar energy systems for both communities. These systems are being provided FREE of charge by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.

    “West Hartford and New Haven have earned for their community facilities, a total of 12 kW’s of solar clean energy systems from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund,” stated Bryan Garcia, Director of Market Initiatives for the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. “And because of the success of this challenge and your commitment to clean energy in your respective communities we will continue this spirited competition with an offer of an additional 2 kilowatt hour solar energy system to the whichever of these two communities reaches 750 customers first!”

    To date, over 7,000 households in Connecticut have signed up in support of clean energy through the CTCleanEnergyOptions program. Programs such as this challenge and a well organized collaboration of companies, NGOs and public agencies have resulted in considerable exposure for clean energy and a model for marketing that is being replicated in other parts of the country.

    “The overall results of this challenge clearly demonstrate that we have collectively created a mainstream demand for clean energy in Connecticut,” stated SmartPower President Brian F. Keane. “The type of demand shown for clean energy through this challenge is a clear indication that clean energy is real, here and working and that we must find a way to make more here in Connecticut and across this country.”


    New Haven – West Hartford Challenge Page 3 of 3

    Throughout the past year, households in New Haven and West Hartford have been provided the opportunity to sign up and support clean energy through the two clean energy suppliers in Connecticut, Community Energy and Sterling Planet.

    Those residents who choose Community Energy as their clean energy supplier are supporting a clean energy source mix of 50% Mid-Atlantic wind and 50% Mid-Atlantic landfill gas at an additional cost per month of .011 cents per kilowatt hour.

    “We have been thrilled with the product awareness created by this program and the leadership of both Mayor DeStefano and Mayor Slifka,” stated Jeff Keeler, New England Director of Community Energy, Inc. “Simply put, the more clean energy purchased by Connecticut customers, the more clean energy projects we’re able to build to serve New England. We have a wind power project under development in Lempster, New Hampshire that is being built directly in response to the increasing demands for clean energy sources that meet the regions environmental goals and energy needs.”

    The other option for clean energy supporters in Connecticut is with Sterling Planet. For those residents of West Hartford, New Haven or any other community in the state who sign up for clean energy with Sterling Planet, they currently receive a source mix of 33% wind from sources across the country, 345 landfill gas from the Mid-Atlantic, and 33% small hydro power from here in New England.

    “Sterling Planet is excited by the response from this program. Customers who enroll for Sterling Select are supporting cleaner generation fromsmall hydro facilities inConnecticut, new wind, and new recovered landfill gas. Supporting these cleaner renewable energy facilities is one small step people can take that hasa large impact," stated Bob Maddox, Northeast Regional Manager of Sterling Planet. “I hope everyone will log onto www.sterlingplanet.com or www.gocleanenergy.com to sign up for the Sterling Planet offering.”

    As a result of the “win” by New Haven, soda bottled in West Hartford will be delivered to New Haven town offices for their enjoyment. In addition to the West Hartford soda, the results of the challenge also result in West Hartford Mayor Scott Slifka wearing a t-shirt provided by Mayor DeStefano that says, “I Wish I Lived in New Haven.”

    # # # # #

    SmartPower is a non-profit marketing campaign dedicated to promoting clean energy, such as wind, solar and low-impact hydro power. The SmartPower 20% by 2010 campaign is working with cities and towns across Connecticut to help them commit to 20% clean energy use by 2010. For more information please go to www.smartpower.org

    Mayor John DeStefano, Jr. gives Mayor Scott Slifa of West Hartford a t-shirt and Pepe's pizza while Mayor Slifka gave West Hartford soda as part of a Clean Energy bet.
    Click image to enlarge.
    Mayor John DeStefano, Jr. gives Mayor Scott Slifa of West Hartford a t-shirt and Pepe's pizza while Mayor Slifka gave West Hartford soda as part of a Clean Energy bet.

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