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    (8/3/2007) NEW HAVEN- The hamburger, as we know it, was invented at Louis’ Lunch in New Haven in 1900. In spite of all the evidence validating Louis’ Lunch’s claim, the town of Seymour in Wisconsin won’t give up and continues its claim to the invention of the hamburger stating that its meatballs between two pieces of bread served in 1885 were hamburgers.

    “In case they didn’t realize, what Seymour is claiming to be a hamburger is actually a meatball sandwich,” said Mayor John DeStefano, Jr. “I enjoy a good meatball sandwhich. But, if they want to fight with the more than 22 countries who claim to have invented the meatball, that’s their problem. Otherwise, they should stick to cheese and give up on the hamburger story. We all know Louis’ Lunch was the first. Honestly, I think a slice of Wisconsin cheese would be great on one of Louis’ burgers. ”

    As documented by the U.S. Library of Congress in 2000, and as the New Haven Perseveration Trust maintains, the hamburger was created by Louis Lassen, proprietor of Louis Lunch 107 years ago when a business man in a hurry asked for a portable, quick meal. Lassen’s response was the now world-famous hamburger.

    Louis’ Lunch finished third in the hamburger trials that were held in the highly biased City of Akron, Ohio (a city that claims that sausages that substituted beef for pork were actually the first hamburgers) last year not because the New Haven establishment lacked evidence to support their claim, they were not given the opportunity to present their case in full.

    Top Five Reasons Why Louis’ Lunch is Unquestionably the Inventor of the Hamburger:

    1. The three challengers to the title have all made false claims: Seymour, Wisc.’s is a meatball sandwich,

    2. Akron, Ohio’s claim to the hamburger title is, as confirmed by the American Meat Institute, really just a beef sausage

    3. WhiteCastle—really, what are they thinking?

    4. The United States Library of Congress recorded it in 2000

    5. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-3) recently read this to statement into the Congressional record


    Contact Name: Jessica Mayorga

    Contact Email: jmayorga@newhavenct.net

    Contact Phone: 203-946-7660

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