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    (2/26/2008) NEW HAVEN- After three violent incidents took place in New Haven Monday evening, one of which resulted in a homicide, Mayor John DeStefano, Jr. called for the state to pay attention to the needs of New Haven in its fight against crime. Shortly after 10 p.m. Monday 27-year-old Fredy Salinas suffered a fatal gunshot wound to his chest as he ran to the aid of a neighbor who was being robbed. Earlier that evening, an officer was forced to discharge his service weapon as a suspect reached for a weapon and refused to raise his hands. Just before 9:30 p.m., an officer on patrol found himself in the middle of a shoot out where his life was jeopardized by feuding teens.

    “We must put an end to violence in New Haven,” said DeStefano. “But we won’t accomplish this alone. We’ve done our share by fully funding the Police Department, raising funds for our successful Street Outreach Workers Program and by lobbying for more than a year for vital prison re-entry reform. Just last week, the City had to open a fourth homeless shelter to accommodate the growing number of individuals released from prison who are either dumped in front of our shelters by the Department of Corrections or who come back to their old neighborhoods in New Haven with no one to take them in, no jobs, no skills and no where to live.”

    During today’s news conference, the City called for a serious commitment from the state for prison re-entry programs, tougher sentences for violent criminals and more accountable parole and probation systems so that repeat offenders are not allowed back on New Haven streets.

    “We’ve seen a vicious cycle of offenders coming back to the community after their release or as they await court dates and re-offending,” said DeStefano. “At the same time we see groups of young people organizing around drugs and violence while becoming more and more distanced from society, from churches, from school and from anyone or anything except each other.”


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