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    (2/12/2013) (New Haven, CT) The city continued its aggressive snow-removal operations throughout the day Tuesday and is beginning to enter a new phase of the snow removal operation as 98% of City streets have been made passable. Passable means that enough snow has been removed so as to allow for emergency vehicle passage, usually a one-lane path.

    Over the next two days, we will be undertaking two major towing and plowing snow removal operations.

    This began at 6 pm tonight (Tuesday), with a major “tag and tow” operation on all streets that are posted Snow Emergency Routes as well as streets in the downtown area. Squad cars will be on the roads alerting people to the move their cars. The goal here is to get cars out of the way so that more snow can be plowed and so that the massive piles of plowed snow can be moved off of City streets and placed in another location.

    Beginning at 6 pm Wednesday and lasting until 6 am Thursday, residents throughout the City will be required to park on the EVEN SIDE of City streets. This operation has the same goal as Tuesday’s: get cars out of the way so that more snow can be plowed and so that the massive piles of plowed snow can be moved off of City streets and placed in another location. Each of the towing and plowing operations will significantly widen streets for two-way vehicular travel and make neighborhoods and downtown safe for pedestrians.

    During these tow and plow operations, residents will be able to park in school parking lots and other available lots. We will post a list of available parking lots ahead of time.

    Day laborers have been hired and are going out in crews with Livable City Initiative (LCI) staff on shovel-out duty clearing bus stops, sidewalks at intersections for pedestrians, areas around schools, fire hydrants and more.

    The City’s snow removal operation is now working with 94 pieces of equipment; almost twice the amount of equipment typically at the City’s disposal. The extra equipment, necessary to remove such a massive amount of snow, was secured from the National Guard, from contractors and from the State. The equipment consists of 32 heavy duty plows, 22 pay loaders and 40 tri-axle dump trucks. Garbage pick up was cancelled for the rest of this week so that all Public Works employees can assist in the snow removal effort and man the extra equipment the City has secured.

    New Haven Public Schools will remain closed Wednesday, February 13. When making school closure decisions, the safety and wellbeing of our students is the top priority. The Board of Education is working on a plan to make up the days lost from storm-related closures this year. That plan will be communicated to parents, staff and the public as soon as possible.

    Downtown will be open for business Wednesday. City Hall will reopen Wednesday, as will all branches of the New Haven Free Public Library, Gateway Community College and Yale University.


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