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    Kermit Carolina


    Kermit CarolinaNew Haven - Mayoral hopeful Kermit Carolina became the fourth person to contract with the New Haven Democracy Fund as a participating candidate for the September 2013 Democratic party primary election.
    Pursuant to the Democracy Fund Ordinance, Carolina and his treasurer Teretha Brooks submitted the required Participation Affidavit, the Candidate Contract and accompanying filings from the State Elections Enforcement Commission to Administrator Ken Krayeske today. Under Ordinance Sec. 2-824(f), the Administrator has five days to accept a signed contract evidencing the candidate’s intent to participate and abide by the strictures of the Ordinance.
    On forms dated April 29, 2013, Carolina terminated his exploratory committee. He filed all his documents with the New Haven City Clerk’s Office today, thereby officially forming his candidate committee, Kermit Carolina For Mayor.
    After reviewing all those filings, insuring that Carolina’s exploratory committee had zeroed out its asset, and after reviewing Carolina’s signed Candidate Contract and Participation Affidavit, Krayeske accepted Carolina’s contract.
    Carolina’s participation will allow his campaign access to the Democracy Fund’s hybrid system of public campaign financing. Once Carolina collects 200 donations by registered New Haven voters between $10 and $370 dollars, the Fund will match the first $25 of each donation 2-to-1. Once he solicits the 200 donations and the Administrator approves those donations, Carolina will be able to collect a $19,000 grant. Carolina can continue to collect matching funds, up to $125,000.00, throughout the election.
    The Candidate Contract, Participation Affidavit and other campaign documents will be on the Democracy Fund’s website. Carolina will also post his filings on the SEEC’s eCris website to insure the disclosure at the heart of public campaign financing.
    For further information, please contact Democracy Fund Administrator Ken Krayeske at democracyfund@newhavenct.net or 860-995-5842.

    Carolina SEEC Form 20 (exploratory Committee) 2013-04-30

    Carolina SEEC Form 5 2013-04-29
    Carolina SEEC Form 1 2013-04-30
    Carolina Primary Participation Affidavit 2013-04-30
    Contact information for the participating candidate can be found in the candidate contract .pdf below.
    Carolina Primary Candidate Contract 2013-04-30

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