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    Board Of Assessment Appeals (BAA)




    Click Here to view the 2017 Board of Assessment Appeals Decisions



    Applications for the New Haven Board of Assessment Appeals are available on line at nhbaa@newhavenct.gov, the Assessor's Office, 165 Church St. and the Town Clerk's Office, 200 Orange St. All applications must be received no later than the close of business on February 17, 2017, at the Assessor's Office or emailed to nhbaa@newhavenct.gov. Applications not received by February 17, 2017, will not be accepted.



    2016 Grand List Board of Assessment Appeals Important Deadline Information:

    Written appeals must be received by close of business (5 p.m.) on Friday, February 17th 2017, due to Presidents Day on Monday 20th February. Any applications received after close of business on Friday, February 17th 2017 will not be considered (including faxed and emailed applications).

    The Board of Assessment Appeals (BAA) hears appeals of real estate, business personal property and motor vehicle assessments in the month of March each year. A written appeal must be submitted before the 20th of February. When the 20th of February falls on a weekend or holiday, the appeal must be submitted by the previous business day.

    The written appeal shall include the property owner's name, name and position of the signer, description of the property being appealed, name and mailing address for all correspondence to be sent to, reason for the appeal, appellant's estimate of value, signature of the property owner or duly authorized agent, and the date of the signature.

    Appeal applications are available at the City of New Haven Assessor's office and online.

    All fields must be completed for your application to be accepted. Signatures are required on all applications. If any required filed is incomplete, the application cannot constitute a written appeal per CGS 12-111.

    Completed applications can be (1) hand-delivered to the Assessor's office where it will be date stamped, (2) mailed to Board of Assessment Appeals, City of New Haven, 165 Church Street, New Haven, CT 06510, (3) faxed to 203-946-7122 or (4) emailed to NHBAA@newhavenct.gov (in order to submit your assessment appeals form, print and complete the form, then scan the completed form and include it as an attachment). All applications are required to be submitted by close of business on the deadline.

    Make sure you retain a copy of any documents you have submitted for your appeal.

    You will receive a letter from the BAA informing you of your hearing date and time. If you do not receive notification of your hearing date and time by March 1, please contact the BAA either by phone or by e-mail.

    All hearings take place in March.

    Applicants should make sure they bring all evidence supporting their estimated value to the hearing. This includes photographs, measurements, appraisals, or any other evidence that may support the applicants estimated value.

    Appeals will be denied if the applicant fails to attend the hearing.

    Written notification of the results of the appeals will be sent within one week after such determination has been made. All results of the BAA deliberations will be posted on the BAA website and in both the City-Town Clerk's office and the Office of the Assessor.

    An applicant can appeal a BAA decision to the Superior Court within two months of date of the mailing of the notice.

    You may leave your questions by calling 203-946-8063 or emailing NHBAA@newhavenct.gov.


    Assessment Appeals Forms





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