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    Fairrent Commission
    Otis Johnson, Jr., Executive Director
    165 Church Street 1st Floor
    (203) 946-8156

    Executive Director Johnson, Jr.
    Executive Director Otis Johnson, Jr.

    The City of New Haven Fair Rent Commission was enacted by the New Haven Board of Alderman in December 1970, Code of General Ordinances Sec 12 ¾-1; amended and adopted December 13, 1984, Chapter 12 ¾ Fair Rent Practices.  It was established to control and eliminate excessive rental charges on residential housing within the City. 

    The primary power of the Fair Rent Commission (known hereafter as Commission) is in determining whether or not the rent for the housing accommodation is so excessive as to be harsh and unconscionable.

    You may file a complaint with the Commission if:

    • Your landlord has proposed a rent increase; an increase you believe is excessive; 
    • Your landlord wants to charge you for utilities and/or other services when they used to be included in your rent; 
    • You believe your present rent is unfair because your apartment has serious, unsafe and unhealthy housing conditions, conditions that may violate the housing code - conditions you have asked the landlord to correct.  

    The complaint process is a four step procedure: (1) filing of your complaint, (2) investigation by Fair Rent staff, (3) an informal (preliminary) hearing, and if not successfully mediated, (4) a Public Hearing before the Fair Rent Commission Board of Commissioners.  After a Public Hearing, if the Commission determines that the rental charge or the proposed rental increase in the rental charge for any housing accommodation is so excessive, as to be harsh and unconscionable based on State Statutes and City Ordinance, the Commissioners may determine one of a number of remedies as follows;

    • The Commission may determine the rent be limited to such an amount as it determines to be fair and equitable.
    • The Commission may determine that if the housing accommodation in question fails to comply with any State Statutes or City Ordinance relating to health and safety, it may order suspension of further payment of rent by the tenant until such time as the landlord makes the necessary changes, repairs or installations so as to bring the housing accommodation into compliance with such State Statute or City Ordinance.  The rent during said period shall be paid to the Commission to be held in escrow subject to State Statutes and City Ordinance. 
    • If the Commission feels the landlord has retaliated in any manner against a tenant because the tenant has complained to the Commission, the Commission may order the landlord to cease and desist from such conduct.

    For additional information about the community forum or more information on Fair Rent Commission services, you may contact Executive Director Otis Johnson, Jr., at 203-946-8156 or you may log on to the city website www.cityofnewhaven.com.

    You may contact the Commission at:

    Fair Rent Commission
    City of New Haven
    165 Church Street 1st Floor Annex
    New Haven, CT 06510

    Telephone: (203) 946-8156


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