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    West River Tide Gate Restoration

    Meeting Thursday September 9, 2010 - 6.00pm at Ranger Station, Edgewood Park. Download flyer for more information.

    Project Location: New Haven County, CT, West River Watershed, Route 1 (Columbus Ave.)
    Project Funding: Save the Sound, a program of Connecticut Fund for the Environment, received an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grant through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for the project

    Project Overview: In 1920, the existing twelve (12) one-way “flapper” tide gates were installed as part of the development of the West River Memorial Park and the creation of the current reflecting pool.  Today, the current tide gates restrict tidal flow in the West River, causing stagnant conditions in the park area and poor water quality.  Also, the gates block the passage of migratory fish upstream.  The plan is to replace up to three (3) of the existing twelve (12) tide gates with self-regulating tide gates, which will allow more tidal flow and exchange into the West River system and improve water quality, fish passage, recreational use, and habitat for wildlife. 

    Project Scope: Submit permits for construction; develop and advertise a Scope of Work/RFP for construction; select a construction contractor; dewatering of site; operation of barge; removal of up to three existing tide gates and replacement with self-regulating structures; repair of existing structure; retrofitting for self-regulating gates; installation and adjustment of new gates.

    Project Outcomes:

    • Open up 5.8 river miles to fish migration and breeding habitat
    • Restore 20+ acres of tidal marsh habitat
    • Improve water quality throughout the lower park area
    • Improve habitat for migratory and resident bird populations

    Tentative Project Timeline:

    January – June: Final Design and Permitting
    July – September: Bidding and Contractor Selection
    October –Winter: Construction

    Tide Gates, Low tide Tide Gates, High Tide

    Preliminary Engineering StudyWest River Memorial Park Tidal Marsh Restoration - August 2002
    West River Tide Gates andEdgewood Park Tidal Fluctuation and Salinity Migration Monitoring Study -April 2005
    West River Tide Gates Preliminary Design - July 2009
    Self-Regulating Tide Gate Description


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