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    Department of Engineering
    Giovanni Zinn P.E.
    City Engineer
    200 Orange St.
    New Haven, CT 06510
    (203) 946-6417

    (203) 946-8093 Fax#
    E-mail: mfiguero@newhavenct.net

    The Engineering Department provides engineering services for the City of New Haven. This work encumbers project-planning, mapping, design, construction management, for a variety of works including facilities, energy management (street lighting), roads, sidewalks, bridges and general infrastructure assets.

    Engineering Functions:

    The following highlight the functions being performed today by the Engineering Department:

    • Provide engineering services for the City departments and agencies, including studies, reports, investigations, preparation of plans and specifications, cost estimates and plan reviews.
    • Manage the bridge repair program throughout the City including evaluating the condition of City owned bridges, and administrating design and construction improvements.
    • Design drainage and road improvements as needed.
    • Provide construction management services on capital projects for City Departments.
    • Review and comment on City Plan Commission applications.
    • Administer projects designed by consulting engineers.
    • Assist the general public regarding street addresses, property lines, storm sewers, flood hazards and other general engineering information.
    • Duplicate, print and sell maps to the general public.
    • Investigate pavement and drainage complaints.
    • Provide court testimony on behalf of the City on litigation on infrastructure or public policy issues.
    • Provide technical guidance to the School Building Committee, Planning and Zoning, Airport Advisory Committee and the Telecommunications Committee.
    • Review development proposals consistent with City Standards and good engineering design
    • Provide technical guidance to various boards and agencies including Livable Cites Initiative, New Haven Housing Authority, New Haven Parking Authority, Port Authority and City Plan Commission.


    Plot plans, Site maps, Topographical maps, Flood Elevation Information; and to obtain new street addresses (E-2 slips). Our operating hours for performing this service is Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (noon.) The telephone number for our “Records” section is (203) 946-8097.

    Strip maps for sewer locations are no longer available at the Engineering Department. To obtain a copy of any sewer information, please contact the Greater New Haven Sewer Pollution Control Authority at 26 East Street, New Haven, CT 06511; phone (203)466-5280


    If you are seeking to obtain a “Site Plan Review”, a process of ‘signatures’ from various city departments is required. To obtain a site plan review from the Department of Engineering, please contact Mr. Peter Lozis, our Chief Civil Engineer to secure an appointment (203) 946-2269 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (local time) Monday – Friday.

    To assist you in determining the type of map you may require and the fee to obtain them, we have provided a current list along with their respective fees. Please refer to the table shown here:

    Permit, License User Fee

    Maps/ Documents


    Street Index


    Print of photo enlargement


    Print of full size assessment or planimetric map


    Print of Half Sheet (24" x 36")


    Print of Quarter Sheet (18" x 24")


    Print of Topographical Map - (half sheet or less)


    Print of Topographical Map - (larger than half sheet)


    Photocopy of Flood or Sewer Strip Maps (11" x 17")


    Photocopy of pages from survey book (8.5" x 11")


    Each sheet for multi-page specifications/documents


    Standard details: Booklet (11" x 17")


    Standard details: CD only


    New Haven specifications (boiler plate)


    Color Maps (40" x 36")


    Color Maps (less than a sheet)


    Digital Copies Black and White


    Digital Copies Color




    Longwharf Fees


    Docking Fees at Long Wharf (Per Foot)


    Mooring fees (Per Foot)


           (3 moorings total available)


    For specific services, the following personnel may be contacted:

    General Engineering Services    
    Larry Smith, P.E.   946-8099
    Assistant City Engineer    
    Zachary Shapiro   946-8096
    Project Manager    
    Christopher Flanagan.   946-6449
    Municipal Civil Engineer    
    Katherine D. Ovalle La Torre, P.E   946-6798
    Municipal Civil Engineer    
    Site Plan Review    
    Peter Lozis, P.E.   946-2269
    Chief Civil Engineer    
    Bridges and Structures    
    Gholamali (Joe) Moslehi, P.E.   946-8095
    Chief Structural Engineer    
    Architectural Projects    
    William MacMullen   946-6447
    Facilities/Capital Projects Coordinator    
    Gov't Facilities Asset Manager    
    H. Peter Shmigelsky   946-6780
    Asset Manager    
    Ian Juden, P.E.   946-8094
    Project Manager    
    CADD Services    
    Donna Sasso   946-6734
    CADD Technician    
    Administration/ Finance    
    Malinda Andrews-Figueroa   946-8102
    Executive Administrative Assistant    
    Ron Coens   946-8103
    Economic Development Officer    
    Dawn Henning, P.E.   946-8101
    Project Manager    

    City of New Haven - Functional Classification with Wards Map

    Miscellaneous Information

    For questions regarding sidewalks, road paving, trash pick-up or recycling, contact The Department of Public Works Citizens Response Line at (203) 946-5879


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