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    Civilian Review Board

    Date: 3/10/2011
    Title: City Hall, 165 Church Street, 2nd Floor Meeting Rm 2
    Description: Opening Remarks: Meeting was called to order by Wayne Hobbs at 6:15 p.m.

    A. Roll Call by Wayne Hobbs
    Present: Frank Cochran, George E. Carter, Wayne Hobbs, Maureen O’Sullivan, Robert Spirito, Catheine Gootkin, Moses Nelson, Deborah Davis
    Absent: Barbara Carroll, Mary Blair, Evelise Riberio, Shirley Wayne Washington,
    OTHERS: Reginald Thomas, Captain Denise Blanchard, Sgt. Jason Konig,
    Roderick Williams

    B. Introduction of Guest: Capt. D. Blanchard introduced Sgt Koenig. This is part of the new policy of rotating patrol supervisors thru IA. He has been with IA since January. He has been on the force since 1995. Some discussion of recent IA activity occurred until meeting got back on track.

    C. Reading of Minutes: F. Cochran motioned and G. Carter seconded to approve February Minutes. Motion passed.

    D. Reading Agenda: M. O’Sullivan motioned and D. Davis seconded to follow Agenda as discussions has already started with IA. Motion passed.

    E. New Business: Discussion ensued on recent articles in the Press on Elevate IA report. Captain Blanchard explained that this was a single I case out of the Chief’s Office, although there were 30 Civilian complaints. The Mayor’s office decided to release the IA report on this particular I case. Staff brought up the fact that since two-thirds of the executive board was not present before the individual C cases were read.

    F. Unfinished Business: Questions ensued as to what is New Business and what should be unfinished business.

    G. IA Report: Captain Blanchard reported that since the last meeting, 16 officers have been laid off. Effective that day, Assistant Chief Wheeler had resigned from the NHPD. Sgt. Robin Higgins has retired from NHPD and has not been replaced on IA staff. Detective C. Barnham is allowed the same training as other detectives and will be participating in the UNH investigating techniques. Sgt. Konig will also be participating in free training offered through POST. Finally Capt. Blanchard will be attending the 2011 Civil Rights Conference at QU Law School on March 16, 2011.

    IA Discussion continued: Captain Blanchard also distributed the Ride Along forms to CRB members in attendance. These forms are only valid for CRB members and cannot be shared with other community members which need to go through the regular channels to get a request approved. Chief Limon has already agreed to let any member of the CRB do a ride-along that would like to.

    Next year it will be much easier to do the annual report as IA Pro will be in place for all of 2011. A brief 2010 stats update was given. There were 171 C (civilian) case numbers that were assigned representing 204 individual civilians. There are still 14 cases open from 2010. She will send a report to the Chair and it will be discussed at next month’s meeting.

    For last month, there are two cases that IA is sending to the chief: 064-C- 10 and 131-C-10. They should be read soon. In addition, the following cases have also been closed by IA. From 2010: 072-10, 136-10, and 184-10. From 2011: 012-11, 018-11, 002-11 and 003-11. Wayne Hobbs assigned 131-C-10 and the 2011 cases to panel B and 064-10 and the 2010 cases to panel A. February had six cases come in to IA, one sent to Traffic and one to Patrol.

    H. Reports from CRB members: Panel A is up to snuff with reading, Panel B is not as it’s chair is not present. Copies of the CRB form should either be put in the enveloped on Capt’s door or given to Alberta.

    In the future, Frank Cochran would like to see CRB invited to press conferences. A motion was made and seconded to table this discussion until next month. Alderwoman O’Sullivan-Best gave an aldermanic update that the Legislation committee has expressed interest in the CRB and has assigned an intern to gather information.

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