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    Civilian Review Board

    Date: 11/14/2013
    Title: City Hall, 165 Church Street, Second Floor, Meeting Room #2
    Description: Date: 11-14-13
    Title: City Hall, 165 Church Street, 2nd Floor Room 2, New Haven, CT
    Status: Approved

    The meeting was called to Order by Barbara Carroll, Chair.

    Roll Call:
    • Present: Barbara Carroll, Frank Cochran, Leslie Radcliffe, George Carter, Catherine Gootkin, Lena Largie, Noemi Rivera, Evette Hamilton,
    • Absent: Evelise Ribeiro, Bianca Bowles, Wayne Hobbs, Robert Spirito
    • Guests: Lt. Anthony Duff, Reginald Thomas, and Roderick Williams,

    The Secretary advised the CRB that she had received correspondence from the Dixwell Management Team that George Carter would be their representative to the CRB.

    The minutes of the October 10, 2013 meeting were read and the following correction is to be made: Case 077-13-C was erroneously recorded in minutes as 077-14-C. The minutes were accepted with this correction,

    Internal Affairs Report:
    • Lt. Anthony Duff informed the board that the NHPD currently has 300+ police officers and has a budget for 110 more. IA staff currently is made up of 3 detectives, 3 sergeants, 1 lieutenant, and 1 civilian staff to handle the 150-165 complaints.
    • There were a large number of closures – 26 C cases. Overtime was granted to handle these investigations.
    • The monthly case list was not available for this meeting but will be mailed to the secretary to be disseminated to the Board.
    • Lt. Duff advised that the revised General Orders are expected to be made available to the Board (in the Internal Affairs office on the desk) by the end of 2013.
    • The Board of Police Commissioners has requested to also have a Taser demonstration, as was previously presented to the CRB.
    • It was recommended that the entire CRB read complaint 054-C-13 where the complaint was sustained and forwarded to the Chief … it is a good read.
    • Lt. Duff again reiterated that the term ;PDHQ’ would be used to identify the NHPD headquarters as a location where an incident of complaint occurred, rather than using District 3.
    • Lt Duff informed the Board that there were fewer Patrol Mediated cases. Some were assigned to the newly assigned IA investigators for training purposes. Cases will not go to Patrol if an officer is ‘flagged’ as a repeat offender where complaints against them have reached a threshold predetermined by IA.
    • It was expressed that more effort should be made to send Complaint Resolution letters to complainants when cases are closed.
    • The CRB will come up with a list of demonstrations/presentations (i.e., use of force, handcuff policy, etc.) that it is interested in having NHPD officers provide to board. A session at the Training Academy will be scheduled for hopefully February 2014.
    • Presented the list of 26 Closed cases which were assigned as follows:
    o Panel A: 031-13-C, 034-C-13, 051-C-13, 054-13-C, 055-13-C, 060-13-C, 061-13-C, 073-13-C, 086-13-C, 088-13-C, 090-13-C, 091-13-C, 093-13-C
    o Panel B: 095-13-C, 097-13-C, 098-13-C, 099-C-13, 100-13-C, 102-13-C, 103-13-C, 105-13-C, 106-13-C, 111-13-C, 113-13-C, 114-13-C, 119-13-C

    Case Discussions
    • Panel B – A case read by Panel B was discussed. 2 readers expressed concern that this investigation was sent to ISU without IA interviewing any of the officers involved. Lt. Duff was asked if the fact that the complainant was contemplating a filing a legal suit against NHPD had any bearing on that decision. He advised that as the officers were part of the ISU team it was forwarded to their supervisors as would a case that is forwarded to patrol. The readers responded that because of the seriousness of the complaint, they thought that IA should have investigated. Lt. Duff responded that he would review the complaint and get back to the board on this matter.

    Public Comment
    • A guest asked how will the changes of the City of New Haven Charter (as a result of the voter approved Charter Revision referendum) affect the CRB. The Chair advised that the CRB has established a subcommittee to review and make recommendations to the full board on what proposals will be drafted to present to the BOA

    General Policy Items
    • None

    Subcommittee Reports
    • The charter revision subcommittee met on 10/15/13 and 11/14/13 and discussed what the process will be to make presentation to the BOA. The committee will put together the suggestions what would go into the ordinance and forward it to the full CRB for review and approval. There will be more substantive discussion during the January meeting.

    Unfinished Business
    • There was much discussion on the upcoming bi-annual CRB election of executive board officers, scheduled to take place at the December 12, 2013 meeting. Wayne Hobbs had informed the secretary that he would not accept any nominations for an executive position. Nominations were made as follows:
    o Secretary: Leslie Radcliffe
    o Vice Chair: Naomi Rivera
    o Chair: Barbara Carroll & George Carter
    Nominations were closed. Ballots will be sent out to Board Members with ‘write in’ space within one week of the election, to be mailed prior to or brought in on the day of the election.

    • It was suggested that the current board of executive officers, the coordinator and corporate counsel meet to discuss the qualifications of members in elections.
    • The question was asked why the board never discusses any cases during the Board meeting as specified on the agenda. The ‘inquirer’ was informed that not only has this happened on a number of prior occasions, as reflected in past minutes, but that it actually occurred during this evenings matter (see Case discussion on the complaint sent to ISU).
    • The holiday party and elections are scheduled to take place on December 12, 2013 at Hall of Records, and the refreshment sign-up sheet was passed around.

    A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved unanimously.

    The next meeting of the Civilian Review Board is scheduled for 6:00pm Thursday December 12, 2013, Hall of Records, 200 Orange Street, Lower Level Meeting Room .

    Submitted by: Leslie Radcliffe, Secretary

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