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    Civilian Review Board

    Date: 11/8/2012
    Title: City Hall, 165 Church Street, Second Floor Meeting Room #2
    The meeting was called to Order by Chairman, Frank Cochran.

    Roll Call:
    10 Present: Frank Cochran, Robert Spirito, Leslie Radcliffe, Wayne Hobbs, Noemi Rivera, Bianca Bowles, Catherine Gootkin, Barbara Carroll, George E. Carter, Evette Hamilton

    2 Absent with notice: Alyson Heimer, Lena Largie, Reginald Thomas (CRB Consultant), Corporation Counsel

    2 Absent without notice: Evelise Ribeiro, Moses Nelson

    Guest: Lieutenant Anthony Duff, OIC, NHPD Internal Affairs, Detective Tammi Means, NHPD Internal Affairs

    Internal Affairs Report by Lieutenant Anthony Duff:
    • 20 new cases were closed. Lt. Duff will begin to send out an email to Board Chair as cases are closed so that they can be disseminated earlier. The pattern noted on many of the most recently closed cases of ‘Other / retirement’ were not indicative of the retirees being investigated for complaints but rather that they had approached their desired time of retirement.
    • Internal Affairs office will be available 7 days a week (including Saturday and Sunday hours) as well as evening hours on specified one Tuesday and one Wednesday evening per month, for CRB members to read cases.
    • 138-12-C Excessive Force complaint was submitted by a 3rd party. The District Supervisor wrote a report that the arrestee had no complaints, and the complainants claim could not be substantiated.
    • Lt Duff reported on the volunteer efforts of IA Detectives and Academy Cadets who assisted residents of Senior Housing complexes during Hurricane Sandy.
    • A previous closed C-Case was reopened and sent to the Chief, which he mediated.
    • Additional office space at One Union Station is currently under renovation. IA Detective John Wocheski is going to Patrol and IA will have a new Sergeant Jason Minardi. All 4 IA Detectives have taken the Sergeants Exam.
    • Lt Duff commented on 2 cases that were closed in May and December 2011 were just received last month. He had assigned Detective Cruz to review all the 2011 cases to confirm that all had been closed and found some that were outstanding, but that have since been resolved.
    • The matter of NHPD providing access of all public General Orders to CRB was again brought up. This request will again be brought to attention of the Chief and Corporation Counsel in order to avoid a FOI complaint.
    • Having better follow up on Patrol cases was discussed. Suggested that District Managers make written note of contact with complainant and/or document any attempts made.
    • Closed cases were assigned to Panels by Frank Cochran:
    o Panel A: 029-12-c, 034-12-C, 049-12-C, 052-12-C, 053-12-C, 065-12-C, 071-12-C, 072-12-C, 081-12-C, 099-12-C
    o Panel B: 100-12-C, 101-12-C, 111-12-C, 112-12-C, 117-12-C, 118-12-C, 120-12-C, 126-12-C, 131-12-C, 133-12-C

    Reports by CRB:
    • CRB Board Members, Panels A & B reported case reviews completed.
    • It was noted that some members are not reading cases. Panel Chairs would provide the names of these individuals to the CRB Chair who will speak to them directly. Chair will also coordinate orientation/training sessions for Noemi Rivera and Evette Hamilton with Staff Consultant and once training is complete, they will be assigned to panels to read and report on cases.
    • The CRB Secretary will work with the Staff Consultant to (1) ensure that a reminder notice of meetings dates, times and locations as well as cancellations are sent to all CRB members; (2) have letters sent to members who are absent without notice.

    Committee Reports:
    • The Bylaws Committee and the Executive Board will schedule a meeting to discuss concerns about the election process (nomination process, absentee ballots, etc.).

    District Management Reports:
    • District 6 Supervisor has retired and a new one has not been assigned by NHPD.

    A motion to adjourn was made by Robert Spirito, seconded by Wayne Hobbs, approved unanimously.

    The next meeting of the Civilian Review Board is scheduled for Thursday, December 13, 2012, 200 Orange Street, Lower Level Hearing Room G-2.

    Submitted by: Leslie Radcliffe, Secretary

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