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    Civilian Review Board

    Date: 7/11/2013
    Title: City Hall, 165 Church Street, Second Floor, Meeting Room #2
    Description: Date: 07-11-13
    Title: NH City Hall, 2nd Floor Conference Room
    Status: Approved
    The meeting was called to Order at 6:00pm by Acting-Chair Barbara Carroll, (Vice Chair).

    Roll Call:
    • Present: Frank Cochran, Barbara Carroll, Wayne Hobbs, Lena Largie, Cathy Gootkin, Bianca Bowles, Robert Spirito
    • Absent: Evette Hamilton, Evelise Ribeiro, Sherina Baker, Leslie Radcliff, Noemi Rivera
    • Guests: Corporation Counsel, Roderick Williams, Lt. Anthony Duff, Sgt. Jason Minardi, George Carter

    The minutes of the June 13, 2013 meeting were approved by 5 members, 1 abstention, no corrections. (Cathy Gootkin was not part of the vote as she had not yet arrived.)

    Internal Affairs Report:
    • Lt. Anthony Duff again advised the Board about personnel addition to Internal Affairs: Debra Sullo is the permanent Administrative Assistant replacing Alberta Norris.
    • All officers regardless of rank have email address: 8 letters @newhavenct.net:
    o First initial of first name and 7 characters of last name (or full last name if less than 7 characters) @newhavenct.net. Example: Sgt. Vinnie Anastasio; vanastas@newhavenct.net (1st letter of 1st name and 7 characters of last name.)
    • Lt. Duff reported 5 closed C cases and 2 closed I cases. He further explained that one of the I cases was at the Academy claiming a “hostile work environment” however the recruit involved resigned and case was closed.
    • Lt. Duff presented the list of closed cases and briefly explained the details. The cases were assigned as follows:
    o Panel A: 007-13-C, 029-13-C
    o Panel B: 030-13-C, 032-13-C, 046-13-C
    • Lt. Duff introduced a draft of a case close-out letter to complainant. The letter cannot be too specific as information could potentially get into the hands of others. Suggestions were made to include, “File is available at Internal Affairs.” There was also a suggestion for a slight change in the last paragraph to delete wording and add IA phone number. Signature of investigator will include investigators telephone number and email address.

    Case Discussions
    • Panel B – only 1 case was assigned to panel B and has been read by only 1 member with nothing to report.
    • Panel A – also had only 1 case; officer was spoken to; nothing to discuss.

    General Policy Items
    • Community Outreach: Barbara Carroll reported that it was too late per the Arts and Ideas committee to get a CRB table at such a late date. Next year, apply early while still in the planning stages.
    • Community Outreach: a poster should be created for each CRB member. Barbara Carroll had a poster done for ESMT and the cost was $10.00. CAO Smuts should be approached to cover the cost.
    • The brochure needs updating. Members will bring suggestions of updated information to subsequent Board meetings. It was determined that a Spanish version will also be created.

    Subcommittee Reports
    • Bylaws: updated cover page and page 3 of the Bylaws were distributed to reflect the addition/change voted on at the June meeting.

    Unfinished Business
    • Vice Chair Barbara Carroll will serve as Acting Chair of the Civilian Review Board until such time as an election for the position of Chair is held.
    • As there had been no nominations and with input from Corporation Council, nominations to fill the vacated office(s) shall be closed by July 30, 2013. Members will be notified by mail and email of the need for nominations.
    • Voting by secret ballot shall take place at the second regular monthly meeting of the board following the vacancy (August 8, 2013). See Bylaws Section 3.6.

    A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved unanimously.

    The next meeting of the Civilian Review Board is scheduled for 6:00pm Thursday August 8, 2013 at New Haven Police Department, 1 Union Avenue in Chief’s conference room.

    Submitted by: Barbara Carroll, Vice Chair (acting Secretary)

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