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    Flood Information


    Floods are the most common natural disasters and as a costal community, the City of New Haven is at particular risk. This page contains information and resources to help city residents determine their risk level and access resources to prepare for flooding.

    Know Your Risk

    Flood Risk Maps

    Flood maps can help you find out whether you are at risk for storm surge or flooding."

    Floodsmart.gov cost estimator

    How to Read a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM)

    Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Lookup Tool

    Enter your address and find out your flood insurance rates through the National Flood Insurance Program.

    How to Read a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM)

    In the event of catastrophic flooding, the Emergency Operations Center will communicate with residents using the Citizen Alert notification system. Opt-in to Citizen Alert here.

    National Flood Insurance Program

    The City of New Haven participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The NFIP provides New Haven residents with flood insurance options.  In addition, the City is currently in the process of applying for FEMA's Community Rating System (CRS) program. The CRS is a voluntary program that recognizes and encourages community floodplain management activities that exceed the minimum NFIP requirements. This program will take inventory of city flood protection measures and result in flood insurance discounts for all.

    NFIP Information

    Top 10 Facts Every Consumer Needs to Know about the NFIP

    Myths and Facts about the NFIP

    City Information

        New Haven Flood Information Brochure

        Hazard Mitigation Plan (2017)

        2013 Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

        Certified Zoning Ordinance Amendment

        Floodplain Development Permit

        Flood Variance Application

        Hurricane Preparedness Brochure: Tips on dealing with a hurricane

        Emergency Evacuation Routes

        Emergency Information


    FEMA Resources

        Above the Flood: Elevating Your Floodprone House, FEMA-347 (2000)

        Answers to Questions About the National Flood Insurance Program, F-084 (2011)

        Coastal Construction Manual, FEMA-P-55, (2011)

        Elevated Residential Structures, FEMA-54 (1984)

        Protecting Manufactured Homes from Floods and Other Hazards, FEMA P-85 (2009)

        Mitigation of Flood and Erosion Damage to Residential Buildings in Coastal Areas, FEMA-257 (1994)

         Protecting Building Utilities From Flood Damage, FEMA-P-348 (1999)

        Protecting Floodplain Resources, FEMA-268 (1996)

        Reducing Damage from Localized Flooding, FEMA 511 (2005)



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