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    New Haven Bike Map (Front) and (Back)

    The City of New Haven is pleased to present the first edition of the Bike Route Map. Prepared in large part by Elm City Cycling and other residents, the bike map reflects user preferences to popular destinations. The map features the city's first designated bike lane - running from East Rock Park to downtown

    Share the Streets Report

    Share the Streets is a comprehensive framework for bicycle facility planning in New Haven.  The framework was prepared by an ad-hoc advisory committee tasked by Mayor John DeStefano, Jr. to better accommodate the cycling public through a series of short- and long-term initiatives.  Bicycle planning is an integral component to intermodal transportation solutions that ease congestion, improve air quality and promote active living.  Moreover, the initiative enhances the quality of life and sense of place in the city.

    With this in mind, the Share the Streets Advisory Committee met on a weekly basis during the winter of 2002-03 and provides this report for public consideration.  The report relies heavily on secondary source material from the City of Chicago and other well-established facility programs.  To date, the committee's work has resulted in the city's first pilot bicycle route and increased attention to facility needs citywide. 

    Comprehensive Plan of Development / Transportation

    The City Plan Commission has prepared a new comprehensive plan of development. While the city must attend to each mode of transportation, the plan recommends, as its first priority, the implementation of a greenway system of non-motorized trails.  The system will help to ease congestion and raise environmental awareness in the city.  The plan further recommends street enhancements for cyclists, urban boulevards, enhanced public transportation, intermodal freight connections and a new Exit 59A off the Wilbur Cross Parkway.  Transit oriented development strategies are proposed, thereby building a larger walk-to-work population and residential options near commuter rail and along bus routes.

    New Haven Green Map

    As part of the new Comprehensive Plan, the City Plan Commission prepared a new "Green Map" of New Haven's environmental and ecological assets. The map is intended to build an understanding and appreciation for the City's unparalleled environmental resources.  The Green Map is in keeping with the Comprehensive Plan's substantial emphasis on creating a "livable city", thereby providing a foundation for long-term sustainability.

    The Green Map is modeled after a national system of environmental-based mapping projects, including recent projects in New York City and Milwaukee.  The mission of the Green Map System is to strengthen the community's awareness of and connection to the urban ecology through locally created visual representations of hometown environments. Green Maps illuminate the inter-connections between society, nature and the built environment, helping residents make lower impact lifestyle choices and discover great ways to get involved in the urban ecology.

    Poster size Green Maps are available at the offices of the City Plan Department, 165 Church Street, New Haven.

    Parks and Coastal Easements

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