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    New Haven's City Plan Commission was established in May, 1913 by Special Act No. 243 of the Connecticut State Legislature.  As enabled by the Connecticut General Statutes, the City Charter and Ordinances, its primary roles and responsibilities are as follows:

    Development Plans; Plan of Development

    • To prepare and recommend development plans for the improvement of the City or any part thereof. (City Charter, Sec. 179).
    • To prepare, adopt and amend a plan of development which shall be reviewed every ten years [Connecticut General Statutes (CGS), Sec. 8-23].

    Advisory Reports

    • To advise the board of aldermen on ordinances and resolutions relating to the location and use of any street, bridge, boulevard, esplanade, square, park, playground, playfield, aviation field, parking space, public building, the facilities or terminals of any public utility, or the establishment or change in the boundaries or regulations concerning zoning (CGS Sec. 8-24, City Charter, Sec. 180).
    • To advise the board of zoning appeals and the zoning enforcement officer in the interpretation of specific zoning matters including special exceptions (Zoning Ordinance, Sec. 63(d) 6).
    • To advise board of aldermen on the city's community development block grant application and amendments thereto (CGS, Sec. 8-169d).
    • To advise board of aldermen on municipal development plans (CGS, Sec. 8-191).
    • To advise the board of aldermen and redevelopment agency on renewal plans and amendments (CGS, Sec. 8-127; City Code, Sec. 21-7; project plans).

    Zoning Ordinance and Map

    • To continuously review the zoning ordinance and to maintain the official zoning map (Zoning Ordinance, Sec. 64.A).
    • To conduct hearings and to furnish advisory reports to the board of aldermen on zoning ordinance amendments (City Charter, Sec. 179, 180, 184).
    • To advise board of aldermen on planned developments and to review detailed plans thereof (Zoning Ordinance, Sec. 65).

    Renewal Plans

    • To review renewal plans and amendments and to furnish advisory reports on proposed land disposition agreements and design reviews for development of redevelopment parcels (CGS, Sec. 8-127; City Code, Sec. 21-7; project plans.)

    Conservation Commission

    • To review coastal site plans for activities within the coastal zone (CGS, Sec. 22a-109, Zoning Ordinance, Sec. 55(b) 3).
    • To review plans and issue permits for activities occurring in or near inland wetlands and watercourses (CGS, Sec. 22a-42a, Zoning Ordinance, Sec. 57).
    • To decide appeals and requests for waivers on variances for activity within the flood damage prevention district (CGS, Sec. 7-148, Zoning Ordinance, Sec. 56).

    Other Duties

    • To review soil erosion and sediment control plans (CGS, Sec. 8-2 and 8-25, Zoning Ordinance, Sec. 58). 
    • To grant Special Permits for certain activities (Zoning Ordinance, Sec. 64(e)).
    • To review site plans (CGS Sec. 8-3(g), Zoning Ordinance Section 64 (f)).
    • To hear and determine applications for certificates of approval of location (CALs) for vehicle uses (Public Act 05-218, Zoning Ordinance Sec. 64(g)).
    • To perform such other duties and exercise such other powers as may be conferred on planning commissions by the general statutes or by the ordinances (City Charter, Sec. 179(c)).
    • To be vested with all the powers and duties conferred upon a zoning commission for the city by Special Law 1925.
    • To provide technical advice as deemed appropriate (Zoning Ordinance, Sec. 64).
    • A member of the commission appointed by the mayor shall serve on the city's Capital Projects Committee (City Charter, Sec. 78).
    • A representative of the commission and an alternate shall serve on the regional planning agency (CGS Sec. 8-31).

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    Reports of the City Plan Commission

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    Contact Information for the City Plan Department

    City Plan Department
    165 Church Street, 5th Floor
    New Haven, CT 06510

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