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    Board of Zoning Appeals November 2005



    Kennedy Mitchell Hall of Records Public Hearing Room (G-2) 200 Orange Street New Haven, Connecticut 06510

    1. property: 66 Anderson Street owner: F.W. Properties, LLC appellant: owner attorney: Bernard A. Pellegrino

    Appeal #05-125-V requests: Use Variance to permit 5 dwellings units (existing structure is auto repair garage) in a RS-2 zone; also Rear Yard Variance to permit 13 ft. where 25 ft. is required; Side Yard Variance to permit 5.3 ft. where 8 ft. is required. Coastal Site Plan Review Application in accord with Section 55 of New Haven Zoning Ordinance was filed

    2. property: 305-311 Whalley Avenue owner: Hines Sudden Service, Inc. applicant: KFC/LJS Restaurant by: David Hines agent: Gwendolyn Ashbaugh Lenard Engineering, Inc.

    Application #05-126-V requests: Special Exception to permit a drive-thru within 250 feet of residential zone for restaurant in a BA zone.

    3. property: 43 Woodland Street owner: Robert F. Musco applicant: owner

    Application #05-127-S requests: Special Exception to permit Front Yard Parking space for 1 passenger car in a RM-2 zone.

    4. property: 1141 Forest Road owner: Mark C. Oidham appellant: owner agent: Michael L. Newton

    Appeal #05-128-V requests: Building Height Variance to permit 23 ft. 8 in., where 12 ft. is allowed for construction of accessory garage in an RS-2 zone.

    5. property: 100 West Prospect Street owner: Claire A. Hendricks applicant: owner

    Application #05-129-S requests: Special Exception to permit 1 Front Yard Parking space in a RM-2 zone.

    6. property: 24 Rosette Street owner: George T. Connelly appellant: Gerald Paprocki

    Appeal #05-130-V requests: Side Yard Variances to permit 7 ft. and 7 ft. where 8 ft. and l0 ft. are required for construction of 1-family dwelling on non-conforming lot in a RM-1 zone.

    7. property: 282 Park Street owner: St. Thomas More Corp. appellant: owner by: Brian Davies, agent Petra Construction Corp.

    Appeal #05-131-V requests: 282 Park Street, seeking Use Variance to permit a Restaurant Use within a Planned Development Unit #107.

    8. property: 173 Livingston Street owner: Edward & Ximena Jordan appellant; owner

    Appeal #05-132-V requests: Front Yard Variance to permit 8 ft. 1 in., where 20 ft. is required to enclosure existing dormer within required front yard in a RM-1 zone.

    9. property: 494 Orange Street owner: P&R Properties, LLC appellant: John Cianciolo attorney: Timothy B. Yolan

    Appeal #05-133-V requests: Use Variance to permit a solo practitioner Chiropractic Office on first floor of existing building (formerly DeRose’s Market) in a RM-1 zone

    10. property: 101 Davis Street owner: Nicotra Redd applicant: owner by: Mario Coppola, Esq. The Pellegrino Law Firm

    Application #05-134-S requests: Special Exception to permit existing 2-family dwelling to convert to a Rest Home (Licensed Residential Board and Care Home) servicing a maximum of 12 resident-patients.

    11. property: 1198 Chapel Street owner: City of New Haven applicant: Shneur Katz agent: Regina Winters

    Application #05-135-S requests: Special Exception to permit 12 parking spaces where 19 spaces are required, and to permit 0 sq. ft., of outdoor space where 2250 sq. ft. is required for a new mixed-use building (9 apartments and 2 retail commercial spaces) in a BA zone.

    Appeal #05-136-S requests: Side Yard Variance to permit 5 ft. where 8 ft. is required for a new mixed-use building (9 apartments and 2 retail commercial spaces) in a BA zone.

    12. property: 651, 661,& 682 Prospect Street owner: St. Francis Home for Children, Inc. appellant: owner by: Peter Salerno attorney: Anthony V. Avallone

    Appeal #05-137-R requests: Review of Administrative Order/Decision of Zoning Enforcement Officer 9/30/05, Pursuant to Section 62 of New Haven Zoning Ordinance, ordered to cease and desist from conducting a Custodial Care Facility and providing such alternative to detention services at property in a RS-2 zone.


    Added October 24, 2005

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