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    New Haven Building Department

    Additional Forms & Information

    Permit & License Center

    (203) 946-5758

    (203) 946-8388


    Building Department

    (203) 946-8045

    This application is only to remove the contractor on current permit with the intention of replacing contractor.
    Note: This does not void the permit.

    This application is to void permit completely, no work shall continue under permit requested.

    This application is for any Open Violations that are on record for a property that you wish to remove.
    For open violations search: http://www.searchiqs.com/newhaven.html

    This application is ONLY for properties throughout New Haven that do not currently have a Certificate of Occupancy on file as they were not required till early 1970's.
    Want to know if there is a Certificate of Occupancy on file?
    Come in during Research Hours.

    Research Hours: (IN OFFICE ONLY) 1:00pm-4:30pm

    This application is for Research Purposes only. If you are requesting Copies/Certified Copies, or if you are looking to conduct an Open Records Search for any Open Violations/Permits then fill this application out and mail it to our office with payment.
    Applications received without payment will NOT be processed.
    Research Hours: (IN OFFICE ONLY) 1:00pm-4:30pm


    Refund Policy:
    Sec. 17-1.9 (b) of the Code of Ordinances states
    "If an applicant does not acquire a license or permit after paying the appropriate license or permit fee, the city shall deduct from any refund all administrative costs associated with the processing of such license or permit application"
    Any refund requested of this department shall be subject to approval by the Building Official/Issuing Authority. If and once approved, the refund shall be subject to an administrative fee of $50.00 (fifty dollars) withheld from the refund amount. All refunds can take anywhere up to 6 months to process and are paid out in check form.
    For permits that cost $50.00 or less, the fee is forfeited if the application is withdrawn for any reason other than denial by the City.

    Credit Policy:
    Any credit requested of this department shall be subject to approval by the Building Official/Issuing Authority.  If and once approved, you will receive a letter of credit valid towards any future permit/license and can only be used by the recipient identified on the letter. The original letter of credit along with a valid photo identification must be presented each time an application is submitted, until the credit is exhausted.
    If a credit balance remains, the new balance will be noted on the letter, initialed and dated by a Building Department representative. It is solely your responsibility to keep track of your credit balance for your records. The letter of credit is non-transferrable, non-refundable and is not replaceable if lost or stolen.



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