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    Assessor's Office
    Alex Pullen
    Alex Pullen
    Acting City Assessor
    165 Church St.
    New Haven, CT 06510
    Phone: (203) 946-4800
    Fax: (203) 946-7122



    The Mill Rate for the 2015 Grand List is 41.55

    The Assessor's primary duty is to prepare the annual list of taxable and exempt property (Grand List). The two Grand List components are Real Property and Personal Property.

    The Real Property category includes houses, garages, barns, sheds, commercial buildings, etc.

    The Personal Property category includes motor vehicles, commercial furniture, computers, manufacturing machinery, etc.

    The Assessor's primary objective is that each property owner bears his or her appropriate share of the tax burden.



    Informal hearings with the revaluation company, Municipal Valuation Services, have concluded. Anyone who scheduled and attended an informal hearing will be mailed a result notification letter indicating a Change/No Change.
    If you still believe that the market value is not accurate, you may appeal to the Board of Assessment Appeals pursuant to Section 12-111 C.G.S. The board will meet in March 2017. In order to appeal, you must file a written appeal to the Assessor's Office no later than February 17th, 2017. The prescribed form and instructions are available on the Board of Assessment Appeals website http://www.cityofnewhaven.com/Government/AssessmentAppeals.asp.
    2016 Grand List Board of Assessment Appeals Important Deadline Information

    Written appeals must be received by close of business (5 p.m.) on Friday, February 17th 2017, due to Presidents Day on Monday 20th February. Any applications received after close of business on Friday, February 17th 2017 will not be considered (including faxed and emailed applications).


    Motor Vehicles Registered Out-of-Town or Out-of-State and Unregistered Motor Vehicles

    Motor Vehicle Brochure

    New Residents; Changes of Address

    Any resident, individual or corporation, moving from one Connecticut municipality to another municipality has 48 hours to notify the DMV of their change of address for purposes of motor vehicle registration.

    Anyone moving into Connecticut from out of state has sixty days to notify DMV of their new Connecticut address for purposes of vehicle registration.

    Any owner (individual or corporation) of tangible personal property, including unregistered motor vehicles or vehicles registered in a state other than Connecticut, who is a non-resident or temporary resident, and whose property is located in any Connecticut municipality for three months or more prior to October 1, must file a declaration of such property with the Assessor or Assessment Dept of the municipality in which the property is located. The declaration must include current mailing address; said owners must notify the Assessor of any change in address.

    Vehicles registered in a Connecticut municipality other than the municipality of residence of the owner

    Generally, Connecticut registered vehicles are assessed and taxed to the municipality in which the owner (individual or corporate) of the vehicle resides. An exception may be a company-owned vehicle which, during the normal course of operation, most frequently leaves from and arrives to, or remains, in the municipality in which the employee assigned the vehicle resides. Also, per CGS 12-71 (f) (2), Connecticut registered vehicles which, during the normal course of operation, most frequently leave from and arrive to, or remain, in a municipality other than the municipality of residence of the owner, may be assessed in the municipality in which the vehicles most frequently leave from and arrive to, or remain.

    Parking Permits

    Individuals with vehicles registered out of state or in another Connecticut municipality, and wishing to obtain Parking Permits, must register with the New Haven Tax Collector and declare the vehicle with the New Haven Assessor prior to obtaining Parking Permit.

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